Breaking: UCL lose Varsity Title over rowdy Hockey match behaviour

KCL named Varsity Champions by default


UCL’s Varsity Celebrations this year were premature, with the antics that occured at this years’ Hockey Varsity causing UCL’s Union to intervene, and decide that the best punishment for, ‘unruly student behaviour’, was handing the 2017 Varsity Series title to King’s College London.

Allegedly due to excessive use of flares, outbreaks of fights, and general drunken student outrage, Management at UCL wasn’t happy with the code of conduct of UCL spectators at the Lee Valley Hockey Centre.

The hockey club were at first threatened with having their second and third teams cut if no-one owned up to the flare throwing, but Management subsequently opted to disqualify UCL and hand the 2017 Varsity Series to KCL.

The UCL hockey team has also been banned from the Lee Valley Hockey Centre after permanently marking the Olympic-standard pitch with burn marks from the flares.

We spoke to final year UCL Geography student Joe King, a spectator at the Hockey Varsity match, who had this to comment:

“We knew the celebrations got a bit out of hand, but that’s what Varsity is like every year; just a bit of fun really.

Never realised we’d get the title taken away. That’s got to be the first time that’s ever happened, it’s almost unbelievable.”

This story is breaking news, and the Tab London will provide more information as we get it.

Check out UCL’s premature celebrations here:

Before you get too upset, check the date…