Meet the UCLU Women’s Rowing Team who will dominate King’s

Who needs the Oxbridge Boat Race when you have Varsity, right?

The Tab caught up with both the Women’s Senior and Novice Rowing Teams before they take on King’s at TSS Boathouse tomorrow at 1:30pm.

No need to worry about last minute tickets; the event is free. Find out more information here.

Senior Women’s VIII+

Tasmin Howard, BSc Anthropology, third year

Stroke, AKA T-Rex

In her third year of boat club, our President is a seasoned rower, knowing more than a thing or two about working an oar. Occasionally known to get low and loose on the D floor, the senior women stroke will be putting that stamina and flexibility to good use come Wednesday.

Sophie Dooley, MSci Natural Sciences, first year

#7, AKA Do One

She’s quiet, but she’s deadly. Backing up T-Rex at Stroke is slick Sophie at seven. Don’t judge a book by its cover, Sophie can’t talk to animals, but she can know 8 snakes when she sees them, and tell it where to go, and what.

Holly Exton-Smith, MSci Biology, fourth year

#6, AKA Cleopatra

This year’s senior women captain has made a strong return to the Boat Club. Having found herself while on her year abroad, she’s back and armed with an impressive ability to lift and squat a fellow rower in the middle of any dance floor. Taking up a seat at 6, Holly will be breaking waves at Kings knowing there’s a dance floor at the other end.

Tegan Foister, MSci Human Sciences and Evolution, first year

#5, AKA Voldemort

Our absolute powerhouse at 5, Tegan is the girl to look out for, she’ll ‘ex-spell’ the competition in one blow. Our most experienced rower, with sharp words and daggers for eyes, Kings better watch out when Tegan’s about.

Isabella Wermbter, Internantional MA Economy, State and Society

#4, AKA Swiss Army Knife

Our resident Swiss-German, Isabella is a force to be reckoned with. She’s got her Swiss timing down, and her catches are sharper than knives, she’s the ultimate in rowing efficiency.

Natalie Ohene, BA History with French, first year

#3, AKA Serena

This dangerous diva at 3 is a devil in disguise. All smiles and charm out of the boat, but a nightmare for any competition when in it. Often mistaken for our other most glamorous girl (idk why, what a mystery) this woman sure can yam it when on water.

Hattie Leigh, BA English Literature, third year

#2, AKA Hazmat

As part of the winning boat at last year’s Varsity, this fiery redhead will be back on Wednesday to defend what is rightfully ours. With one of the best power to weight ratios in the boat – she’s a prime example of great things coming in small packages.

Natalie Milmoe, PhD Child Health, second year

Bow, AKA Nero

Don’t mistake this calm and polite gal at bow for someone to be overlooked, she’s an emperor of destruction and ready for battle. Lifting the bows, Natalie ‘Nero’ Milmoe isn’t afraid of regicide, and will go to any length to achieve her conquest. Kings don’t know what’s coming.

Lauren Johncock, BA Classics, first year

Cox, AKA Piccolo


Novice Women’s VIII+

Rachel Dumbrell, BSc Neuroscience, first year

Stroke, AKA #4kit

Dumbbell knows nothing other than to slam ergs, iron and polys. Legend has it she’s powered by bagel-induced tears, and the concept of time itself. Her reach is so long at the front of the stroke, that she’s knocked out her cox numerous times – which is weird, because she’s not even taller than him #shortie. The Nov women have had a screamer of a season so far, and she’ll be sure to silence any choppers that stand in her way. She has the keys, and she’s gonna get that German whip movin’. Fast. #Rachel4Kit #ClassicRachel

Catherine Bentley, BA History, first year

#7, AKA The Persuader

Catherine/The Persuader/MiniNov, the SO of MegaNov, is fo’ sure is the big brains of the boat. A pro debater, she’ll make you (and Kings) see reason no matter what the sitch. Word has is that her seat in 1st boat is forever secured, since Coach will never find an argument to remove her that can stand against her superior logic. Matter of fact, we’re pretty sure that even if in the unlikely event of the Novs losing, Catherine would have umpire decide otherwise.

Ellen Forsyth, BSc Management, first year

#6, AKA Napoleon

She’s by far the strongest in the squad. A ruthless force to be reckoned with. Certainly, she is so mighty, that she’s leading bow 5 herself in what can only be described as a military coup. Hear her scream “8, you fool, for I am the REAL STROKE” throughout the race. In reality, when you have the leader of middle 4 that is capable of so much acceleration, that her hips break the sound barrier, is it worth trying? No.

Hannah Smith, MSci Natural Sciences, second year

#5, AKA Schmeaty

Second in line of the double trouble that is 6 and 5, Schmeaty, is a plant powered country lass with military blood and ox-like strength. An all-round busy woman, she is so efficient that her muscles don’t even warm up when she’s laying down record wattage – which explains her ice-cold game face and her propensity for coats in boats. Powered by GasolinaTM.

Rosie Truman, MSci Neuroscience, first year

#4, AKA Skullcrusher

Skullcrusher, a fellow Neuro of Dumbbell’s, will be making that psychic link with stroke for the bows at 4 seat. Another busy bee, she juggles her powerlifting, rowing and babysitting Rachel. She has abdominals so tough that her suspension through the stroke is enough to make her Strand-dwelling opponents suspend their degrees.

Rosie Mason, MSci Physics, second year


If you thought this boat couldn’t get any more superhuman, you need to sit back down. Towering way above 6ft, Rosie Mason was born to row. Watch out though, you are statistically 30% likely to be flattened by her when she inevitably stumbles out the boat and faceplants the Thames #timber. But don’t let her kind demeanour fool you – this BFG knows when it’s time to crush puny ABB students.

Claudia Abdallah, BSc Economics, first year

#2, AKA Santa Clauds

If you thought Santa Claus had finesse delivering to 5000 houses s-1 on Christmas, check out Santa Clauds over here. She’ll be delivering that lift in the bows so strongly in 2 seat, that the rest of the boat and the cox are effectively her reindeer. Famous for her delicious pasta recipes, you can rely on her to lay down that sauce on the Tideway this Wednesday. Well, 50% of the time, most of the time anyway.

Emily Nash, MSci Natural Sciences, fourth year

Bow, AKA Welly Sheriff

“What in Tarnation? Which RUMS yute took my goddamn wellies?”. Emily Nash is the law-enforcing strong arm of the boat, and we promise you, if you take her wellies, you will lose your hand. She has the sensibility of royalty, but the no-bullshit attitude that is going to get her across the line first, no matter what.

George Jack, MSci Chemistry, second year


Truly the brains of the boat, George is the fount of all rowing knowledge although his inability to count down from 10 reassures his crew that’s he’s not, in fact, God. Win or lose this Wednesday be sure to check out his instagram story for suitiably artistic boomerang clips taken when he really should be pointing out that 6 isn’t in time.


Senior Women’s IV+

The team consists of Tasmin Howard as Stroke, Hattie Leigh as #3, Holly-Exton Smith as #2, and Sophie Dooley as Bow.