UCLU is making all its single-cubicle toilets gender neutral

A motion was passed last Tuesday

Last Tuesday, UCL Union Council passed a motion calling for toilets to become gender-neutral in all UCLU buildings.

The motion passed with 16-1 in favour of converting all single-cubicle toilets to gender neutral toilets and included resolutions to lobby UCL and individual departments to also go gender neutral, to ensure that all new buildings will include gender neutral toilets.

Gender neutral and mixed gender toilets are becoming increasingly common on university campuses. In 2015, King’s College London announced the introduction of gender neutral toilets after a meeting with KCL’s Trans community members, the SU and the college management.

While critics argue that gender neutral toilets put women and children at risk, others have pointed out that trans people are often subjected to a higher risk of discrimination and violence when forced to use gender-specific toilets.

The motion passed by UCLU was proposed by Sam Nicholson, UCLU Women’s Officer and co-written by Matthew Wagaine, UCLU LGBT+ Officer.

Speaking to The Tab, Nicholson commented: “I am really happy that this important first step has been agreed on, and I will be meeting with the Facilities Manager and Head of Operations for UCLU in the next week to discuss logistics and timescale of changing current single-cubicle toilets to be gender neutral.”

“This simple change of signage and addition of a sanitary bin will pave the way for further changes across campus, with the end goal to have a mix of gendered and gender neutral bathrooms in all buildings,”