London students most likely to be swiped right on Tinder

Other unis just couldn’t compete

Students who attend London universities are the most likely to be swiped right, according to data collected by Tinder.

The study, which was released to Vice, collected data for male and female students separately.

In both categories, students from the University of London came at the top of the league.

We're that irresistible

We’re that irresistible

The findings rate which universities have the highest number of students who had been swiped right on Tinder.

It shows that London Universities came top in the league for both male and female students.

For men, Oxford came in second place and Brighton came third. For women, Leeds took second place, followed by Cambridge in third position.

Tinder, a dating app originally designed for U.S. campuses, has revolutionised the way people to date, making it more easier for students to hook-up from the comfort of their own bedroom, rather than at chance meetings.

While many London students will read this article with pride, it is a bit of con. The University of London is made up of eighteen separate colleges, such as UCL, LSE or King’s College.

Whilst other universities have been listed separately, all universities based in London, including Royal Holloway, have been merged together on this league table.

This means that whereas runner-ups Oxford and Leeds have an undergraduate population of 11,603 and 32,138 respectively, the number of London undergrads in the 2014/15 academic year was a whopping 92,760.