UCL’s maddest fresher: Meet Bradleigh

He maxed out his overdraft before the end of Freshers’

The next nominee for UCL’s maddest fresher is Welsh boy, Bradleigh… and he’s bloody mental.

His friend told The Tab: “The knobhead drank 24 cans in one night with a mate with a tactical puke after 21, and then proceeded to finish the rest off. He did SEVENTEEN NIGHTS IN A ROW during Freshers’ Week, bought drinks on an Economics FREE pub crawl because he was that bollocksed, and even managed to max out his overdraft before the end of Freshers’.” LAD.


Other antics include Bradleigh being so drunk he passed out and woke up to be sick all over his girlfriend, and buying an inflatable sheep sex doll for no other reason than to embrace his Welsh culture. Best of all, he went on a trip to see his mate at Birmingham University and woke up the next day in the wrong uni. What an absolute legend.

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