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Don’t mess with them

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King’s College who?

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And it was completely free

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God you’re not actually a ham and cheese person, are you?

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It’s been a long, long term

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When ur the best pub quizzer ever

Only 19 per cent of UCL students are working class

It’s one of the lowest percentages in the country

What Google Reviews had to say about The Court

‘They wouldn’t even make a snakebite’

We asked for your craziest Fresher experiences

One group even got married

Everything you bought in your first weekly shop that you never ever used

Who even needs 10 types of dried herb?

A loophole allows you to watch BBC iPlayer without buying a TV license

Here’s how to do it

If you wear brown shoes to your interview, you’re not getting a job in the city

Just stick to black

Northern Ireland lifts permanent ban on gay men donating blood

They are now more in line with the rest of the UK

Watch this terrifying video about leaving the NUS

‘There is no intent to frighten anyone’

We’re finally going to get the Night Tube in August

About time

Dear Sixth formers, this is why you should go to UCL and not King’s

University rankings are only half of it

What UCL actually teaches you

It’s definitely not how to pass your exams

Every stage you’ve been through if you’ve done an essay in a night

Because sleep is for the weak

RUMS rugby to play in oldest rugby final in the world

It’s called the United Hospitals Challenge Cup

VOTE: Who is UCL’s maddest fresher?

They really are barmy

The BRITS after party took place next door to Loop, and Jourdan Dunn was there

Apparently Bieber was there too

Fresher racks up £1,000 of fines since September

Is James our maddest fresher yet?

UCL’s maddest fresher: Meet Joshua

He passed out in Phineas before 11

UCL’s maddest fresher: Meet Bradleigh

He maxed out his overdraft before the end of Freshers’

UCL’s maddest fresher: Meet Katherine

She’s renowned for throwing up in her Jimmy Choos

Could Emma be UCL’s maddest fresher yet?

Of course she’s from the North

The stages of a night out according to an aggy drunk

Justifications for 5’3 princesses who enjoy starting fights on tame nights out

Sports Night is the best night of the week, especially if you don’t play sport

It’s the one time you can get really messy

I braved the nudist swim at ULU

It was surprisingly refreshing

A lightweight’s guide to London’s friendliest clubs to be sick in

EGG kill it

How to avoid getting gonorrhoea this Freshers’ Week

‘Super gonorrhoea’ is now a thing

London lauded as a top UK uni to party

By the Guardian…

JUSTICE: Entire exam hall granted extenuating circumstances thanks to noisy builders

Bring ear plugs and take the extra marks