BNOC of the Year 2015: Group Two

They’re reasonably important

As the battle for the most coveted crown at UCL rages on, we give you the second group of titanic contenders to the throne.

Who comes out on top? You decide.

Zainne Bilgrami

Britons! Needs You!

Britons! Zainne Needs You!

Zainne Bilgrami (“Billy G” as he was known as back in his Eton days) has swarmed the Hindu Society Rangeela scene as a “fashion icon”, unparalleled by his esteemed counterparts featured in Vogue. Apart from being seen strutting down Foster Court looking on point in his purple “Model” bomber jacket, or representing his Eton sock colours whilst throwing some dodgeball shade in the Quad, you can expect to see this BNOC in his wavey element in the middle floor of Loop (which he’s only missed three times this year) or mixing it up on a Friday in Saucy.

His currently subdued exam lifestyle consists of homemade packed lunches and Tesco’s finest £2 mango chunks, whilst studying some key economic policies everyday in the middle table of Wolfson’s study room. Zainne truly embodies the ‘centre of attention’ quality that is commanded by a true BNOC.

Nick Edmonds



An earth-shattering combination of well-groomed, English gentleman and strapping Greek demi-god, Herculean Men’s Rugby President Nick Edmonds is surely the man to beat. Odds on for a first in Classics, the British-record holding, powerlifting alpha-male has steered the ship of UCL’s Men’s Rugby Club, culminating in their Club-of-the-Year award thanks to their incredible success both on and off the pitch.

Equally at home in Loop, Bloomsbury Fitness or muttering discontent about the lack of meat in UCLU Cafes on Mondays, softly-spoken Edmonds is one of the most influential men around: The original Big Nick On Campus.

Rico Hodges-Smikle


We’re not sure what’s in his hair either

In his third year at UCL, it’s no surprise ex-medic turned Arts & Sciences VP Rico Hodges-Smikle should be considered for this year’s BNOC, despite only learning the meaning of this term a couple of weeks ago. It’s a tag that is uttered to him practically every minute, and he can’t walk from the top of Malet Place to the Print Room Cafe without stopping to talk to at least 10 different people.

His busy BNOC lifestyle entails winning gold in Taekwando finals, charming the ladies in the library or trying to level up in his League of Legends gaming sessions. If you haven’t spotted this Jamaican Casanova around campus, be sure to look out for him cycling down Euston Road in a neon jacket and red rucksack, he’s a legend you do not want to miss.

Andrew Tindall

Standard Tuesday

From the moment that Andrew Tindall, a starry eyed and confident Yorkshireman with too much gel in his hair stepped on to Young Apprentice, he was destined for BNOC status. Having reached the semi-final of the competition and consecrating his position as a certified celeb, Andrew took on his medicine degree at UCL.

From his first day, everyone in his halls knew he was a legend. He brought a full set of speakers to the first halls party and triggered his tradition of constant flat parties and socials. Clearly a social butterfly, his wings flapped in to the RUMS Boat Club where he quickly established himself as as big a legend on the water as he is in Soho, frequently appearing in the bars and clubs all over the area. BNOC’s don’t get bigger than this.