BNOC of the Year 2015: Group One

Who’s the most important

Over the past couple of weeks we received your esteemed nominations for UCL’s 2015 Big Name on Campus. Now it’s time to vote.

The power is in your hands to change the life of one London legend.

Paisley Dearey


Eyebrows on fleek

As a member of Rums Hockey Paisley has carved an infallible reputation for himself this season. He will never say no to a game of odds on and never chooses a number above two.

Making it out of a club on his own terms without the support of the kind bouncers of London has happened only once this year. He has lost his eyebrows so many times that he has become infamous and some say he is even the legendary “shower shitter” of Ramsey Hall although this rumour rumains “unproven”.

Sepeadeh-Alsadat ‘Sepi’ Amir-Latifi

‘You don’t get this in Coventry’

There is little doubt with a name like Sepeadeh-Alsadat “Sepi” Amir-Latifi, that Sepi has to win BNOC of the Year 2015. To save you the trouble, there’s over 30 characters in that bad boy of a name, so surely there’s none bigger?

You can often find Sepi being a hottie floor model in Abercrombie, taking hoards of friends (she’s so popular) to London for the weekend all the way from “Cov”, or dancing badly in Fabric. Legend.

Adam Robertson

Ladies man

Ladies man

Hunk, charmer, entrepreneur. Adam Robertson is the man we all wish we were, and if you don’t believe it then check out his LinkedIn. The baller-to-be has had work experience at KPMG, BlackRock and J.P. Morgan, and even co-founded his own Mayfair style clubbing app, “Nightly“.

He’s got as many A*s as he does abs and somehow makes a degree in Information Management look cool, there’s simply no competition.

Pegah Souri

Her daily entourage

Her daily entourage

As Philosophy Society Social Secretary and future President of the Iranian society, all Pegah Souri needs is the official BNOC title to complete her already bulging repertoire. Reportedly Pegah can’t walk two feet through university campus without getting stopped by adoring fans. At night it’s the same story.

She can be spotted on the dance-floor every Wednesday night, displaying an unparalleled passion for Loop.  Meanwhile, besides getting smashed on VKs, rumour has it Pegah lives on a diet of “only pies”. This is surely the epitome of a busy BNOC lifestyle.