What UCL students really want: more space and no fees. Naturally.

Photography editor Jonas Ekblom asked you what you’d like to change about UCL

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At every party, every coffeeshop visit, at every lecture you hear it. The complaints about UCL – what could be done better, what is just plain bad. But honestly, after one of our editors had a talk with a number of students he quickly realized that UCLers are pretty pleased with the school after all. It took them all a good time to think of something they want to change about the school but finally got an answer. Here’s five of them.


Andrew – More space. More buildings, more accommodation. MORE SPACE.
Jasmin – Why not put the exams before the holidays? The same with the essays, so you can actually enjoy the holidays!
Yuna and Riyoko – UCL needs more green stuff! Urban gardening maybe?
Lily – Why not paint the Main Quad green?
Anthony – Fees, they should be no more than £500, no more, no less. No inflation. £500 for all students. Duck (?) the police. Possibly also convert the entire Main Quad into the Slade School of Art. No bias.