On The Up: Lucy Chappell

A second year at UCL, aspiring actress Lucy has started to land her first major roles

What UCL students really want: more space and no fees. Naturally.

Photography editor Jonas Ekblom asked you what you’d like to change about UCL

Revolution and Russian aggression: Karyna Balabtako

Gabriel Pogrund talks to the president of UCL’s unofficial Ukrainian society

The Tab meets the Election Candidates: Eleanor Trezise

As part of The Tab’s election coverage, we meet 4th year Natural Sciences student Eleanor Trezise, who is running for Activities and Events Officer.

Interview with The Midnight Barbers!

They’ve played UCL a fair few times, and if there’s any integrity left in the music business are probably going to be massive. ROBYN STRACHAN has a chat with one of the best bands in London.

An Idiot’s Guide To ULU With Michael Chessum

We ask the ULU President why we should care about The Union

Urban dynamics: The Tab talks to Slade graduate and sculptor Nathaniel Rackowe

Thalia Davies chats to the artist about his work

Spending far too much time down the pub: meet The Enemy’s Andy Hopkins

Since the acerbic sound of ‘Away From Here’ hit UK airwaves, The Enemy have continued to produce their particular brand of emotive, acid-tongued rock and roll. We talked to their bassist, Andy Hopkins…

BEHIND THE DECKS: Student Clubbing in the eyes of a UCL DJ

Zehrah Heesan finds out from one of our most experienced and talented DJs at UCL, Adiba Maduegbuna, what life is like on the other side of the dancefloor.