The Tab meets the Election Candidates: Eleanor Trezise

As part of The Tab’s election coverage, we meet 4th year Natural Sciences student Eleanor Trezise, who is running for Activities and Events Officer.

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Eleanor Trezise
4th year Natural Sciences
Part time Activities Officer and Women’s Rugby Vice President


Hey Eleanor! So, why are you running and what can you feasibly achieve?

I’m running because I care an awful lot about management of activities at UCL. I’ve been involved in clubs and societies for 4 years here and in setting up volunteering projects both within clubs and outside. I’ve also noticed the difference it makes when you have someone with previous experience so I feel my experience with clubs and societies and UCLU makes me a good candidate. What I hope to achieve are the points of my manifesto: protecting the space we have (including the Garage Theatre Workshop issue), a fairer allocation of funding, and ensuring all students’ Wednesday afternoons are free to enjoy non-academic activities as in accordance with UCL’s own policy.

Yellow is the colour, activities and events are the game.

How will you go about finding a replacement for the Garage Theatre? It sounds like an uphill task!

It’s certainly a big task. When UCL takes space away from UCLU, there’s kind of an ‘unwritten agreement’ that they will replace it, so it’s about working with them to make sure that we get it back. There are alternatives already on the table that have already been thought of, like converting a lecture theatre, but because UCL’s already so oversubscribed on space (which was part of the problem in the first place), taking one of these from a department is probably not feasible at the moment. So whilst we try and find that alternative space I’ll help societies use other external and temporary campus-based venues.

What would you say is the best activity or event you’ve ever attended?

Can I say two? I played in the (rugby) Varsity match two years ago when I was captain, which was really amazing, being the biggest Varsity we’d ever had. Both teams went into the game unbeaten and we won, which was amazing. I also saw The Producers three years ago and was literally blown away. It cost me £5 and it felt like I’d watched a £40 West End musical.

Moonies, Roxy or The Loop?

…….. Roxy.

She’s a Roxy gal at heart.

Controversial! So, having already experienced Activities Officer on a part-time basis this year, what’s fuelling you to go on and take a similar full-time job?

I think these roles often look at different things but sometimes there is obviously an overlap. As part-time Activities officer I found a lot of what I was doing was more focussed on the ‘democracy’ side (making sure people come to and contribute feedback at meetings about things like Varsity or bidding for shows and so on) whereas as AEO I would have far more control over funding and actually looking after the big events, in which Activities officer often doesn’t play any role. Also, I’d be receiving emails and able to more directly support presidents and treasurers face to face, so I see it as a level up. Yes, it’s more intense, but this position has prepared me for it.

The UCLU Ball has received its fair share of criticism in recent years, with other universities’ events seeing the likes of Example, Tinie Tempah, Ellie Goulding and Rudimental perform (all of whom are Tab favourites). Is there any way of boosting ours to at least these standards?

Sure! We have other nearby universities bringing in these big acts and putting on amazing events so there’s no reason why we can’t as well. I haven’t been involved in organising the ball this year but talking to these other universities, or just looking at how they do it and bringing some of that into our own planning is something that should definitely be done.

Doris Chen has done an awesome job revamping The Varsity. Will you continue to boost the stature of the event?

Yes. I would work with staff to see what has worked with the new format of having multiple varsity events.  I’d ensure we capitalise on what worked well and get rid of the stuff which hasn’t really worked to help make Varsity bigger and better next year.

Why should we choose you over Sabeeh Imran Rasool, your opposite number? Any trash talk for him?

I’m not sure of all of the details of everything Sabeeh’s done, but think I’ve been involved in clubs’ and societies’ committees longer. I’ve been involved in various volunteering projects whether it’s coaching and volunteering in sport to carol singing. I’ve been part-time Activities officer this year and feel that I’ve really made a massive difference to how visible the Activities Network is, and it’s had record turnouts at meetings. For example, the elections of students to the panels for Arts Colours and Sports Colours were well contested this year and previously officers had had to scrounge volunteers from the attendees.

I won’t trash-talk Sabeeh as that’s not nice, (plus it’s against guidelines anyway!) but I feel I’ve proved in the past that I’m very proactive and therefore that I will complete what I set out to do. That’s why people should vote for me. And it’s really not just me saying this. I got (UCL) Sports Personality of the Year, Captain of the Year and an honorary life membership for my contributions already.

Shame. The Tab loves trash-talk. So, your name-anagram came out as ‘Earlier One Zest’. As we know, zest is an ingredient extracted from the scraping or cutting of skin of an un-waxed citrus fruit. What we want to know is, what’s your favourite fruit?

Well I don’t actually eat fruit! But I do like limes.

It goes with your zesty anagram. Finally, having been heavily involved in rugby throughout your degree, who do you think will win the 6 Nations?

Well I’m English so obviously want England to win but don’t think they will. We’ll see.

You can vote for Eleanor from 10am on 28/02 until 3pm on 07/03!