ULU Club Night Flouts Blurred Lines Ban

The controversial track was aired last night during ULU’s ‘frat party’ event

Blurred Lines Blurred Lines ban Robin Thicke ULU


ULU’s ban on Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ was broken last night, when a remix of the controversial track was played in the union’s Venue bar.

ULU hosted a third-party ‘frat night’ event, organised by club night promoters Frat Party UK.

Despite ‘Blurred Lines’ being banned both by ULU and other student unions across the country, Tab footage shows that students at the frat party event were undeterred:


KCL student Gwilym Williams took the organisers to task in a tweet which has since been deleted. Frat Party UK replied, apologising for the “mistake”.

Frat Party UK describes their club night as “the biggest and best American college party in the UK”, and provides “iconic” red Solo cups and beer pong.

ULU big wigs banned Thicke’s summer hit last month, explaining in a statement: “Student spaces should promote consent and not normalise rape culture.”

“We should start sending out strong messages to those who capitalise on misogyny on campuses.”