Why ignore the elections? UCLU is for everyone

UCLU means a lot more than paninis and cheap pints, and not voting shouldn’t be an option.

An Idiot’s Guide To ULU With Michael Chessum

We ask the ULU President why we should care about The Union

Why We Must Remember

Hugh Bassett comments on ULU’s Remembrance Day decision

Students Storm Senate House!!!

Student protestors marched on The University of London centre today

Tab Tries: I Went Skinny Dipping in ULU’s Pool

Our writers will do anything for The Tab and its readers…

ULU Club Night Flouts Blurred Lines Ban

The controversial track was aired last night during ULU’s ‘frat party’ event

“No Ifs No Buts”

NUS protests hit the streets of London

ULU Begin term without president

A chat with Eddie Izzard

We had a quick chat with Eddie Izzard about Ken Livingstone, London, students and politics.

Imperial Medics Rise from the Dead

UCL Mixed 2nds looked for consecutive victories over Imperial Medics in this closely fought battle at ULU.

UCL 4s 1 – Queen Mary’s 2s 3

A heroic defensive performance saw UCL 4s fall just short of victory, losing 3-1 to Queen Mary’s 2s in the quarter final of the Football Men’s Reserve Cup on Saturday.

You Win Some ULUse Some

Recent ULU elections show depressingly low turnout