Cross Channel Carnage

Drunken Manchester students are in hot water after fighting broke out on a Calais ferry.

manchester ucl

Students from the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University have landed themselves in hot water after a drunken rampage on a ferry to Calais.

Four coachloads of of students boarded the ship on April 1, with a P&O spokeswoman saying that they were already drunk when they arrived.

They then proceeded to trash the bar, with several students exposing themselves, forcing other passengers to be evacuated to another part of the ship for their own safety.

The decision by P&O not to allow the students to return to the UK and to launch an investigation into the incident has been welcomed by both universities and Manchester Metropolitan University has also launched its own inquiry.

The outcome of the P&O investigation could affect groups of university students traveling on cross-channel routes if it is felt that the large numbers of students present was the main reason for the “wholly unacceptable” fracas.

Some students fear that ferry companies may ban alcohol on board such sailings, with it appearing highly likely that tighter restrictions will be put in place on intoxicated students boarding ferries.

One UCL student said that it was “only a matter of time” before this happened.

“To be honest it could have happened with any university trip,” she told The Buzz, “Students drinking heavily is hardly new, although this takes things to a whole new level. Lets hope that this incident is sorted by the Manchester unis so we never have that sort of thing going on at UCL.”

The students were allowed to return from France with a different company and no further incidents were reported, although there is likely to be serious action taken if the offenders are identified.