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UCL to open Falkland Islands Campus

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With the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War looming UCL has outraged Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner by announcing the opening of a new campus on the islands.
Supported by a grant from the British government UCL is set to expand with the intention of providing a base for students studying ‘Arctic Region Studies’- lambasted by some as “Penguin Studies”.
There are also hopes that students from Argentina and other South American countries will be attracted to the campus, with courses being taught in Spanish as well as English.
The move has not been welcomed by the Argentine government however which has said that it is another “striking example of British imperialism.”
Argentine Foreign Minister Abril Primero stated that the decision was “disgusting.”
“I am outraged that a British institution is seeking to corrupt honest young Argentine men and women by tempting them to leave for Las Malvinas [the Argentine name for the islands],” he told The Buzz.
“This is another example of the imperialist agenda of the British government and actions against the penguins of the islands, which are Argentine property, will not be tolerated.”
A spokesperson for UCL meanwhile said that the move was an attempt to spread the “wonderful, world class education provided by the university” and was in no way imperialist.
“We are going to the islands to benefit from the possibilities of new scientific developments thanks to the wide range of  unique wildlife” she said, “Argentina has no need to worry- surely their young people can benefit from such a vibrant education too. And no penguins will be harmed in the earning of this degree.”