UCL does The Apprentice

UCL go head to head with other London Unis (and Royal Holloway) in London Apprentice Weekend

apprentice ucl

With the ‘best and brightest’ business brains returning to BBC One on Wednesday night, The Buzz decided to look into how Team UCL fared in the London Apprentice Weekend. 

Team UCL, composed of captain Wisdom Uzor, William Jones, Sarina Gurung and David Heasman set out against Imperial, the Strand Poly, LSE and Royal Holloway. 

The first task was to design an interactive quiz app, with the winning team being the one who had the most downloads from the Quipper App Store by the end of the week.

Team UCL went for an Olympic theme entitled ‘Olympicture This!’ It's based on all things Olympics, so get downloading folks.

Task 2 was to design a marketing campaign for Harrods to attract young people. On a £1.5 million budget, Team UCL opted again for an Olympic theme.

Their campaign centred on a raffle competition called ‘Harrods Olympic Dreams’ with three prize tiers– Gold, Silver and Bronze, a social media campaign strong enough to topple an African dictator and a viral video with Usain Bolt. Rumours that King's felt uncomfortable marketing at Harrods and were assigned, instead, to Lidl are as of yet unconfirmed.

Sunday’s challenge was based in the BBC. Yes that’s right, British Bathroom Centre. Their task was to envisage a futuristic bathroom and kitchen to cater for illustrious clientele such as Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowels.

Their plan is not due until Friday but stay with The Buzz today for news about last night’s final showdown, where the universities pitched to former Apprentice aid Margaret Mountford, who left the show in 2009 to focus on her phd at UCL on papyrology. Do you think she knows where Moonies is?