UCLUseless Say Societies

Frustation has grown among society presidents at perceived difficulties in dealing with UCLU.


The Buzz can today reveal that there is a growing sense of frustration from society presidents with what they perceive as a failure by UCL Union to properly deal with their requests.

Two society presidents revealed different issues which they have had with UCLU which have left them “frustrated”. Both wished to remained anonymous.

One stated that he regularly sends off around twenty room bookings a week only to find that “usually one would be wrong at any given time” and that double booking is regularly a problem due to “inexplicable problems” created by the room bookings form.

Another president complained that his emails are regularly ignored by a sabbatical officer, with as many as four in a row currently unanswered over a period of weeks.

In addition he pointed out that he was unable to obtain the budget for his society for a prolonged period of time despite regular emails to sabbatical officers.

A society treasurer told The Buzz that the union could be “incredibly frustrating to deal with” and whilst many sabbatical officers did their best he questioned “whether they have the necessary resources in place to deal with all the work they have to do. Certainly my experience shows that they don’t seem to.”

“Another problem is quite often nobody seems to know who has responsibility for what,” he added “I sent an email last year requesting information about union policy and ended up having my email read by three different union officers and then a UCL employee before finally getting a response.”

The sum of these problems appears to be creating growing annoyance within some societies, although whether it is sufficient to bring a positive response from the union remains to be seen.