Election Results- Exclusive

The Buzz brings you exclusive election results


The Buzz can exclusively give you all the results and reaction from the George Farha Cafe where the results of the UCLU 2012 Spring Elections have just been announced.

After two weeks of campaigning and many long days spent leafleting, fielding interviews, putting up posters and doing lecture-shout outs the results are in, so who has managed to pip their rivals to the post?


Perhaps the biggest story of the night was RON winning the LGBT position by a narrow margin against Stef Newton– a result it is fair to say few people in the George Farha expected. 


Elsewhere there was victory for Sam Gaus in the high profile Democracy and Communications Officer role as he defeated Ava Lloyd by over 1,000 votes. Correction:  The margin of defeat for Ava Lloyd was 600 votes, including votes docked for early campaigning.


We spoke to Medical and Posgraduate Students Officer winner Dante Micheaux who triumphed over Jordan McBee– the latter having travelled home from his year abroad for the campaign. Micheaux said- "I think, for the first time, that UCL voters have sent a clear message on how they want their union run." 


A much shorter and emphatic response came from Candy Ashmore-Harris, who was elected as Welfare and International Officer. She told The Buzz, "I'm fucking delighted." 


Meanwhile the incoming Union Chair Layth Hanbali stated that, "I'm absolutely delighted, I didn't expect such a winning margin. I would like to thank anyone and everyone who campaigned this week and I hope I can do half as good a job as Zubair Irdris did."


Congratulations to everyone who was victorious and commiserations to all those who missed out this time around.



Sabbatical Officers:

Democracy and Communications Officer-
Sam Gaus- Winner

Education and Campaigns Officer-
Edwin Clifford-Coupe- Winner

Ethics, Environment and Operations Officer-
Natasha Gorodnitski- Winner

Medical and Postgraduate Students’ Officer-
Dante Micheaux- Winner

Student Activities Officer-
 Abdul-Ahad AkbariWinner

Welfare and International Officer-
Candy Ashmore-Harris- Winner

Part time positions:

Activities Officer-
Sabeeh Imran Rasool- Winner

Community Officer-
Hannah Webb- Winner

Education Officer-
Sahal Quazi- Winner

Equality Officer-
Abdiqadir Mohamed- Winner

Ethics and Environment Officer
Laurie Cannell- Winner

International Students Officer-
Mehran Bhatti- Winner

LGBT Officer-
RON- Winner

RUMS Officer-
Gareth Chan- Winner

SSEES Officer-
Cecilia Rossler- Winner

Student Media Officer-
Kit Weaver- Winner

Union Chair-
Layth Hanbali- Winner

Women’s Officer-
Beth Sutton-  Winner