Red Alert- It’s Jailbreak!

With Jailbreak just days away, The Buzz gives you lowdown on what to expect from this year’s competition.

Jailbreak UCL Jailbreak ucl rag jailbreak UCLU RAG

This weekend sees the second UCL RAG Jailbreak as almost 150 students race against time to get as far away from the quad as possible whilst raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital and UCL Body and Soul.


Check out The Buzz on Saturday for an EXCLUSIVE interactive map that will show all the participants locations. 


Last year over £12,000 was raised and participants found themselves as far away as Poland and Italy in the space of just 36 hours and without spending a single penny.

This year the teams have already raised over £8,000 and are aiming for a grand total of £15,000, smashing last year’s record.

At 9am this Saturday the teams will assemble in the quad in all variety of bizarre costumes and carrying whatever they need to get as far away from UCL as they can by 9pm Sunday night.


It's against the rules for teams to spend their own money on transport and will be relying on the kindness of strangers to help them reach their destinations. 


Here at The Buzz we are supporting everyone who is venturing into the great unknown for a good cause and will be keeping you up to date with everything happening until the word go and over the weekend as well as reaction after the event.

How far can our jailbreakers go? Russia? India? Australia? The place to find out is here at The Buzz. To Gower Street and beyond!

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