No Choice- Religious Societies Defy Referendum

Catholics, Sikhs and Jews are set to defy the recent pro-choice motion passed by students.

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Religious groups at UCL have refused to recognise the recent vote on the Union's position and look set to defy the motion.


Last month UCL students voted by 2001 votes to 818 for the union to take an official pro-choice stance on abortion and to affiliate to Abortion Rights – an organisation that campaigns for safe terminations across the UK.

The motion also included a clause which ensures that any events in the future on the topic of abortion must have an independent chair and speakers from both the pro-choice and pro-life sides of the argument.

Now Catholic, and Sikh societies are set to ignore the vote and refuse to invite pro-choice speakers.

In a letter to the Union’s Board of Trustees they accused the union of trying to “dictate" which speakers are invited by student organisations and claimed that it would be a violation of their human rights to do so under the European Convention on Human Rights.


Earlier today a member of theUCLU Jewish Society Coomittee contacted The Buzz to inform us that whilst he did sign the letter he did so more out of concerns of freedom for speech than religious conviction. He also state that “the Jewish society will not 'refuse to invite' pro-choice speakers any more so than pro-life speakers.”


The Buzz contacted the UCLU Catholic Society but received no response, whilst the Union has apparently not responded to the letter which it was sent either.

A response from the University itself however assured students that it will not be involved with the motion and pro-life speakers can continue to attend events.