Start your engines! These are the top drag queens for you to see in Liverpool

Because they are what? Sickening

UK hun? If you’re looking for some of Liverpools best drag queens, look no further! The Tab Liverpool has compiled a list of some of the best drag queens to see in the Liverpool area. The last 18 months have been hard for everyone, but especially those in the nightlife and entertainment industries, so go and show some love and support to these amazing queens!

All these queens below have the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, and you never know, you could see one of these queens on season four of Rupaul’s Drag Race UK. And if you do catch them before their TV debut, you’ll have ultimate bragging rights since you knew about them before they became the biggest name in UK drag (or quite possibly the world).

Shania Pain

Shania is an fierce performer, and by the audience reactions, she is AMAZING. A talented queen, as well as a comedy queen, she really is a double threat. She can hold a tune like no other, giving Celine Dion a run for her money

Shania can be seen at all your favourite drag bars, keep an eye peeled on her Instagram to see what events she’s hosting and performing at. You can catch Shania at Camp and Furnace, hosting a drag brunch starring the season two winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Uk, Lawrence Chaney.

Athena Barbital

From just a quick look on Athena’s Instagram, you can see how creative and imaginative this queen is. When we asked her what we can expect at one of her shows she said – “Athena Barbital is a shape shifting, sometimes creepy, always campy, cartoon creature of drag. You can find me lurking in the doorways, dancing on bar tops and swimming from ceilings in the most bizarre outfits you can imagine!” 

You can go and watch Athena at Heaven Nightclub Liverpool. 

Minnie Cooper

This queen is TALENTED. Not only is she an amazing singer, she also adds in comedy with her songs. Minnie has impersonated all our pop culture faves, from Beyonce to Nessa from Gavin and Stacy, to the iconic Tinky Winky (yes, the Teletubbie).

Minnie can be found at Dorothy’s show bar and GBar in Liverpool.

Violet Period-Pain

This queen brings the looks and the laughs, her makeup is always on point and her outfits are stunning. She can be found at the ICON bar, Yard and Coop and GBar Liverpool.

Kiki Pain

You might recognise this queen’s name as she is the drag daughter of Shania Pain, The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with this queen, as she is just as talented as her drag mother.

From her amazing makeup skills and her stunning outfits, Kiki is not just a look queen but she also has an amazing voice, often belting out a tune or two at her shows.

Kiki is an AFAB queen, and when speaking to The Tab she described her shows as “a big old party”, “there’s lots of singing, and a dance after a shot of sambuca, (hopefully!) nonstop laughter.” 

You can see Kiki at the ICON bar in Liverpool. 

So on your next night out forget about concert square, never heard of her! Go to Gay town and show these drag queens some love and support. We promise after your first drag show in Gay town, it definitely will not be your last.

Featured image via Instagram @thekikipain @whosminniecooper @shania_pain69