Edge Hill Uni admits it reused 2019 epilepsy awareness stock photo for BLM post

‘The clouds are literally in the same position in both photographs’

Edge Hill University has admitted the photo posted in support of the Black Lives Matter movement over the weekend was a stock image taken in 2019 for epilepsy awareness.

The photo for epilepsy awareness was posted in March 2019, while the BLM picture was posted on the 6th of June last week.

Both pictures show the Uni’s main building lit up in Purple during the evening, and students have pointed out the photos are very similar. Although taken from different angles, both show near-identical cloud coverage and the silhouette of a person walking in front of the building.

A spokesperson for Edge Hill confirmed to The Liverpool Tab the building was lit up in support of BLM but the Uni did not send a photographer to get a new picture due to “Government guidelines” keeping campus closed to all but essential key workers.

“I don’t mean to poke holes when they are trying to have a bit of a positive impact, but this photo definitely just looks recycled from when they lit up the building for raising awareness for epilepsy,” read one comment. “The clouds are literally in the same position in both photos.”

The image posted last week was captioned: “Our main building is illuminated in purple in memory of George Floyd to support equality and diversity across the world.”

The post from 2019 read: “Did anyone spot the main building lit up for Purple Day yesterday? The day raises awareness of those with epilepsy, which affects one in 100 people in the UK.”

One student tweeted: “Could you have used a new photo and not the same one you used for the epilepsy society awareness post last year?”

A spokesperson for Edge Hill told The Liverpool Tab: “Please note the building photograph we used over the weekend is a stock image as we are adhering to Government guidelines and are unable to send a photographer for new imagery while the campus is closed to all but essential key workers.”

A statement on their website reads: “We at the University recognise that we can do more in raising awareness of, and in tackling these injustices, in the spirit of an institution founded on principles of inclusivity and diversity.

“Our roots come from the Suffragette movement, fighting for women’s rights and providing an environment where all people are valued for who they are. These principles should run as threads throughout everything we do, and we have work to do to ensure this is evident to everyone.”

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Featured image via Instagram (@edgehilluniversity) and Wikimedia Commons (Bryan Pready)