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The ten types of people you meet at University of Liverpool

Your comprehensive guide to the many types of student that will grace your three years at Liverpool

The Medics

For a group of people who study the intricate workings of the human body and how it can be affected by drinking, they sure do know how to throw a good pres and get everyone involved suitably smashed. They have longer semesters than everyone else so you will probably still find them in the sphinx well after the summer exam period has finished, probably making the most of £1.80 pints on a Friday without the queues.

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Techno Lads

It's pretty much guaranteed that by the end of first semester, you will have been to a party where some techno-obsessed fresher has insisted on DJing for everyone. And if you haven't been lucky enough to experience this yet, when it happens expect drum and bass, jungle and techno to keep you up until the early hours of the morning. The techno lads are rarely seen in daylight and very few have been sighted in lectures following a big night on the sesh.

The ones who go out at least twice every week and still manage to get a first

'Yeah, I mean, I'm surprised I still got a first considering I went to Juicy on Tuesday and Heebies on the Thursday before I handed it in on the Friday! Wow, that's so cool! So, what did you get, Becky?'

*Dramatic eye roll*

Liverpool Fans

It's their time to shine – their glory hunting days are over and they're now officially (but not really) a true Liverpool fan, singing you'll never walk alone into the early hours of the morning after a big match or final. They can probably be sighted sitting at the front of your lectures looking rather proud of themselves after a good summer of signing players. Expect to see them plotting how to get Man City out of the top spot instead of taking lecture notes.

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Scouse 4 lyf

The 2018 equivalent of the 'basic white girl'

There has never been as much love for flared cut off trousers as there has been this semester. You don't need to scan the Liverpool campus far before you spot a pair of these OR a puffer jacket – and if you're lucky, you may spot both at the same time! This classic cut-off combo will probably grace our Halls and the likes of Smithdown road for the foreseeable future (or at least until it gets far too cold to show off your ankles).

The Sport Teams

In the first semester you may have felt compelled to sign up to a sports team and actually get active and, unlike me, you probably carried on with it past the first session. So it's not wrong to expect that you have met the diehard AU-ers and have had to plan your Lifeguard outfit for the first AU night of the semester. It's not difficult to miss the sports teams on this particular Wednesday night, and it's definitely not difficult to differentiate between the freshers and the more experienced of the sports social squad in the choices of outfits that have been decided on.

The students who "bloody love a good protest"

Whether it be your eco-warriors or your unite students protesters, these active students are busy standing up for what they believe in, fighting for their rights to party (and recycle). They're recognisable by their insistence to make sure you and all of your housemates put the glass jars in the recycling, and if you do they may even invite you to the next anti-Trump protest.

The students who don't go to lectures

They'll turn up for the first week of lectures, all bright-eyed and ready to be organised. Two weeks later they're gone. Suddenly three weeks have passed and there's no sign. You think, "maybe they'll be back?"

Spoiler: The next time you see these mystical beings, they'll be sitting in front of you in the exam hall.

Tip: don't spend half of the exam trying to figure out where they've been for the past eleven weeks. It's not worth it, no one knows, but I have a hunch a hell of a lof of napping has been done.

The ones who try too hard to be indie

If the denim jackets and the cropped trousers aren't enough, it'll probably be coupled with the fact that they name drop every "cool" band that they've seen. If you've spent all your money this semester on seeing The Magic Gang and Courteeners, this one is about you! We see you at pres trying to put Not Nineteen Forever on the playlist, don't think you've gone unnoticed.

Students who are annoying in lectures

Hi! Do you have a Macbook Pro? Please stop typing so loudly in lectures, thank you very much. Yours sincerely, everyone else x

Okay, I jest (a little bit), but no doubt you'll experience this in lectures on the reg. And this is sometimes and unfortunately accompanied with those students that ALWAYS ask questions in the middle of a lecture. One of these issues may be annoying, but also is manageable.

Both in the same lecture however, makes for a very long hour.