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Waving goodbye to your winter wardrobe in 2018

Out with the cold, in with the new

There are many fashion fads that take over campus during winter, some we never want to leave behind; such as the obscene amount of glitter and everything fluffy, some however we ought to return to the closet until next year. With the British weather as unreliable as a students will power to pass off a night out, it is difficult to determine which items of clothing that should remain in the just-in-case pile, and which are a definite no, but here is a definitive guide to some of the subtle changes that can take place.

Lighter jackets

So in England it is particularly important that you own at least one (what every British mum calls) 'proper winter coat', but being in the North West we have to times that by 10. However, as the days get lighter so may the amount of layers we pile on, meaning we are able to introduce lighter jackets into the mix. Jackets including denim and leather, easy to carry and perfect for both throwing on for a lecture and taking into town for a night out!

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Lighter colours/pastels (yellow)

As the weather brightens, (aka becomes a lighter shade of grey) so must our wardrobes, meaning it's that time of year where the pastel colours make an appearance. Be it lilac, baby blue or pink, nothing can beat a subtle pastel coloured t-dress for an afternoon in the SJ or sipping a hot cup of coffee in 92Degrees.


Everyone knows that sunglasses spend more time holding back your hair in a sleek fashion than guarding your eyes for the sun. They seem to be the only accessory you can spend three hours looking for the right pair, to then decide they don't really suit you when you get home 20 minutes later. Perfectly necessary for when you go to catch the 10 minutes of sun in Liverpool whilst nursing your £2 pint of Carling in Concert Square.

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There is no better way to feel like a vintage 50's pin up girl than a flashy, floaty dress. Jazzing up your wardrobe with a bitta polka-dot, stripes or floral will bring out the spring style swiftly, meaning you can stylishly strut through the streets of Abercrombie Square for the remainder of the semester.

Floral patterns

Nothing says spring more than floral patterns. Though we don't want to take it to Mrs. Doubtfire level, it is always nice to introduce a little splash of pretty colour to your day. Adding a hint of elegance to your outfit not only changes up the winter black-on-black routine, but also allows you to look casual enough for your 9am's whilst being ready to hit up happy hour for some 241 cocktails.

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