The realistic cost of a night out in Liverpool

Ever thought about the hidden cost of a boozy night out?

Everyone knows it’s not hard to convince a uni student to go on a cheeky mid week night out. “But I have a 9am tomorrow”, or “I’m really low on money,” is not an acceptable excuse, and next thing you know it’s 2am and you’re on your 10th jager bomb of the night.

But are you really telling the truth when you say you’ll just have a cheap night? It’s very easy to forget how much money you spend on a night out, especially when you’re extremely intoxicated and drinking away the pain of your snore fest seminar you had that morning. So whilst we’re all in turmoil over our dwindling bank accounts, here’s an insight of how much you truly spend on a night out.


Expectation: £0
Your mates insist you are coming out tomorrow night and tell you it will be the best night out of Uni yet. Instantly, your FOMO kicks in and you unwillingly agree. But it’s fine, your wardrobe is full to the brim of clothes you’ve never worn before and endless options of ‘Jeans and a nice top.’

Reality: £10 (at minimum)
Next thing you’re going through your wardrobe to find an outfit to wear and realise under the mountains of clothes you have, NOTHING is suitable, so it’s time to hit Liverpool One. But because you’re spending the money the day before your night out, it technically doesn’t count right?

You’ve bought the outfit, shame for it to go to waste

Pre drinks

Expectation: 99p for mixer plus last week’s leftover vodka
There is no way you can hit Heebies sober, so pre drink is a must. You only have to buy a 99p bottle of lemonade because you still have half a bottle of vodka left from the last time you went out.

Reality: £10
You thought you were going cheap last week buying Aldi’s own 70cl vodka for £9.97 hoping it’ll last you more than one night out, only to find your mates who’s flat you left it at drank it all and now you have to buy a whole new bottle, sigh.


Expectation: £2
Taxi fare won’t cost you a lot, there’s 4 of you in the taxi so naturally, you’ll just split the cost.

Reality: £8
You’re the one that wasn’t even fussed about the night out, but turns out you’re the ‘only one’ that has the Uber app so you end up paying for the taxi on the way to concert square. Everyone promises to buy you a drink once you’re there to make it up to you, but does that ever actually happen?

Taxi’s certainly can be eventful


Expectation: £5
You hope that you can scrape together the pound coins in your wallet to get you into the club, or you have to withdraw a tenner from the cash point which destroys your soul a little bit every time.

Reality: £3
Turns out your mates do have some sort of brains and got you on guestlist. At least its knocked off off a couple of pounds at max and you don’t have to spend as much time sobering up in the queue.


Expectation: £0
You’re the one thats been convinced to go out, so you’ve promised yourself you won’t be buying any drinks in the club, especially after everyone owes you taxi money.

Reality: £10
Why does alcohol seem to make you so much more generous? A couple of drinks later and you’re willing to buy everyone at the bar a drink out of your own pocket. You pull out your contactless card like the rich bitch you think you are, then walking away from the bar with a handful of shots, you seriously start to question your life choices.


another round gals?


Buy a shot off a shot girl

Expectation: £0

You don’t need anymore alcohol, you’re already drunk enough considering you have a 9am tomorrow, and you have enough will power to say no.

Reality: £2

One of the shot girls walk past you and in your inebriated state you think the best idea is to increase the level of alcohol in your system. They look into your eyes, hypnotising you into giving them your money in exchange for what the next morning feels like the devil.

A single fag

Expectation: £0

You don’t smoke, you’re not addicted and can go the rest of your life without one. The cost of fags haven’t even come into your mind.

Reality: £1

You step into the wonder that is Level smoking area for some fresh air and escape from the sweating bodies around you, next thing you know you’re searching through your pockets to find any change you can to buy one cigarette from the girl next to you. Keeping it classy as always.

2 mins before this photo we were seriously hunting for a fag 🙂 it didn’t work 🙂


Expectation: £2
It would be wrong to go home from a night out empty handed, so you stop off on the way home for some cheesy chips and gravy.

Reality: £10.99
Your craving for chicken at that moment in time has taken over every thought you have. You follow the scent of any fried food you can find, like an animal hunts its prey. Next thing you know you’ve accidentally on purpose bought a family bucket from Chester’s and inevitably leave half of it on your living room floor.


Just look at that happy face!

Loosing your dignity: Priceless 

No night out is complete without an embarrassing story to tell the grandchildren.

Ideal total cost: A bargain £9.99. Cheaper than a 1L of Smirnoff.

Realistic total cost: A lovely £54.99 when you add it all up. Worth it tho.