Here’s how to have a day out in Liverpool for a tenner

Cheap thrills forever

Bold Street day out FACT liverpool tenner

One of the few drawbacks of being a student is budgeting every single aspect of your day to day life. This is especially annoying if you are looking to spend a day out with someone, whether it be friend or someone special. However, Liverpool is a cheap and thriving city, so when you fancy treating yourself to some nice food, interesting art or a few cocktails all in one day, check out these places that’ll only set you back a tenner.

Dining – Cafe Latino

Student Deal: Pasta/Pizza and Coffee for £5

On the lower end of Bold street sits a lovely little door leading up to Cafe Latino. Don’t be put off by the chiropractic service it shares the floor with; although if your back is feeling a tad tight, you could always book in an appointment. Offering a range of Pasta and Pizza, cooked on site, this is a perfect lunch spot with it’s affordable and tasty food – the coffee isn’t too bad either.

There is much more on offer, with the Cafe staying open until 7 and a “Bring your own wine” policy, but for the poor student in need of a lunch date this place should satisfy. Don’t forget your Student ID!

Culture – Blue Coat

Tranquil, creative, open, and engaging

Fancy something a bit artsy and edgy? Look no further. Bluecoat acts as contemporary art gallery, whilst also housing a cafe to sit and relax in. Sitting pretty in the centre of town, this is the perfect place if you’ve grown restless of shopping. Showcasing talent across visual art, music, dance, live art and literature, Bluecoat is a must see point of interest; the gallery’s age of 57 only exemplifies it’s worth through longevity. How much is entry? It’s free. Give your brain some art to digest before heading back to bland lectures.

Shopping – News from Nowhere

Why not embrace yourself in Liverpool’s political landscape and head on down to News from Nowhere. This alternative bookstore, located on Bold street, offers literature on a wide range of topics such as politics, activism, global equality, feminism, LGBT culture, world fiction and more. This non-profit organisation is Liverpool’s longest community bookshop and is a welcoming environment with an emphasis on books that inspire and empower people to make positive change to the world. Pick up a copy of Robinson Crusoe for 50p, grab some holistic supplies or world music. Regardless of your view of the world, News From Nowhere offers genuine and life-affirming food for thought.

Drinking – Jacaranda

Grab a drink, put on a song, and relax

Jacaranda, located opposite Faculty, acts as a hub for live music and memorable nights. With bottles of Carlsberg going for £1.50, and most drinks between £3 to £4, you have no excuse not to nip in – there’s also a working jukebox. The Jacaranda is a good bar to visit for a relaxing drink to end your day, with its beautiful interior that is decorated with an atmospheric 60s aesthetic. However, if you want to really take advantage of your time there then follow the simple rule of “the later the better”. The Jac hosts many live music events throughout the week, taking advantage of it’s underground stage, complete with bar and access to a smoking area.

Art – FACT

FACT is a combination of cinema, art gallery, exhibition space, bar, cafe and shop. Yes, all of that. The art exhibitions change on a regular basis and are quite diverse – in the past, exhibitions have even featured Shia LaBoeuf. There’s usually workshops, talks and film screenings to accompany each exhibition. Open seven days a week, the FACT galleries and exhibition space is free for all and is an inspiring place to spend an hour or two.