Guild are hosting two hour climate change campaign

Listen up David Cameron

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The Guild will be holding a day of action this Thursday in a bid to get recognition from local MPs to realise the issue of climate change.  

Working alongside the National Union of Students (NUS), the Guild want Government to keep 80 per cent of fossil fuels in the ground and move to 100 per cent clean energy by 2050.

The Guild will also be encouraging students to sign this petition to show our local MPs how important this issue is.

By signing the petition, local MPs can then put pressure on David Cameron in Parliament to make sure he speaks on our behalf at the big COP21 meeting in December.

At present, the petition has only received 161 signatures. This is significantly under its target of 3,000.

The campaign will take place at uni square

The NUS website discusses its goals for the national campaign on its website. It states: “We want to see 80 per cent of fossil fuels left in the ground, and a transition to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050.

“And we need to let our leaders know that the student movement demands bold action on this, whatever agreement they come to.”

Deputy Guild pres Alex Ferguson explains the reasons behind the rally. He told The Tab: “The climate change day of action is happening in wake of the UN conference of the parties 21 in Paris.

“The cop21 is a world changing moment, where world leaders discuss climate change, and the last time this happened, in Copenhagen, the results were disappointing.

“We want to show the world students care about climate change – hence the rally on uni square. There will be petitions asking for the university to divest from fossil fuels, speakers talking about the importance of the negotiations in Paris, and lots of music and displays.”

The two hour campaign will begin at 12pm at University Square, and there will be petition signing, displays, speeches and performances as part of the event.

For more info on the event, click here.