The types of people you meet in the Raz

Which one are you?

alcohol blue angel concert square drinking fat frog light weight Raz

Raz-goers have lots in common. They all have no problem drinking fat frogs and facing the possibility of being covered in vomit. But they have their differences, too, as many different characters can be found in the dark, damp depths of the student hot spot.

The Sweat Shop

Rarely do you see someone so adamant to flirt with dehydration, but in the Raz this is pretty much a common sight. Often you will find this person trying to suck moisture from the air, or instead leaning against the wall licking damp from the building in desperation like a sun-baked mollusc.

Most aren’t actually bothered about the perspiration though, so instead slither around the dance floor sweating all over everyone.

But as long as the 90s cheese pop keeps coming, this person will refuse to call it a night. So as long as the Raz exists, so will this person.

Luke being a sweat

The Chunder Champ

Often called the saviour of Mondays, the Raz plays host to a plethora of paralytics drinking away their blues.

They take no shame in their self-destruction, so while some may opt to vom on the dancefloor, others have been known to do it more “secretly” against the walls. It doesn’t smell nice, but the vom often boasts a delightful fluorescent green colour due to the fat frogs.

Chunder cham

Sit Down Sally

The bane of any caring friend’s life: she can’t hack vodka, and you can’t hack looking after her. Usually seen in the back room crying to her friend about her latest existential crisis, or telling them how much they love them, despite not even knowing them that long.


The Newbie

Arguably the best kind of person to find, as they are yet to adopt their Raz-inspired alter-ego. This person is mainly found dancing politely on the edge of groups pretending to know the words to Bewitched’s C’est La Vie, or sipping a beer upstairs.

The newbies are calm mannered folk and usually don’t realise how drunk they needed to get in preparation of the Raz, or how disgusted they’d be when they got there.


The Predator

Of course no night would be complete without seeing your fair share of predators in the club scene. Although more likely found in Levels, a Raz predator implements less complex techniques and jumps from group to group trying their luck with each until they inevitably succeed with either a Chunder Champ or a Sit Down Sally.

Saf definitely is not a predator by the way

Saf definitely is not a predator by the way

The Light Weight

For these lucky bastards, even a sniff of vodka is enough. This person can be found swaying uncontrollably, or outside not knowing who or where they are. Interestingly, this person transitions into a Sit Down Sally with a few more drinks.