Borrowdale Road is the most dangerous road to live on in Smithdown

Over 2,500 crimes were committed in Smithdown last year

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If you want to take a risk when it comes to picking your student house, live on Borrowdale.

A whopping 40 crimes were committed on the road last year alone, ranging from burglaries and ASBOs to violence and sexual offences.

The road off Smithdown has an average of four crimes a month compared to Gainsborough Road which had just four crimes in the year from September 2013 to June 2014.

Langton Road follows closely behind Borrowdale as the second most dangerous road in the popular student area with 35 crimes committed.

In May 2014 alone there were seven crimes.

Borrowdale Road is the most dangerous in Smithdown

Jess, a Geology student and Borrowdale Road resident has luckily not had any problems. She told The Tab: “We’ve not had any problems so far, all the break ins I’ve heard of have been on Langdale.”

Langdale Road, not far from Borrowdale, only had 28 crimes committed during the last academic year, giving it the fourth highest crime rate.

But Langdale was a prime spot for burlgaries last semester, as two houses were ransacked in the space of a week.

Wendell Street was found to have a total of 34 crimes last year, with a shocking eight crimes taking place in January 2014.

Gainsborough Road has a much lower crime rate with only four crimes, making it the safest road in the area ranging from Smithdown Road up to Carnatic and Greenbank halls.

Closely followed is Granville Road and Newstead Road, both having a total of five counts of criminal activity last year.

These boys had £4,500 worth of stuff taken when their Langdale house was robbed

Langton Road is the second most dangerous

Over in Kensington, an astonishing 31 crimes were committed on Empress Road last year, averaging to a whopping 3.1 crimes each month.

Ex Liverpool Student Cat Reid lived on Empress Road for two years, but thankfully never experienced any criminal activity.

She told The Tab: “I was never burgled and to be honest I felt pretty safe on the street.

“The only time I was a bit worried was when these kids kept letting off fireworks in the middle of the day.

“I was really shocked to find out it had the highest crime rate in that part of Kensington as I never had any trouble.”

Empress Road

Adelaide Road

Leopold Road has the second highest crime rate according to statistics from Police UK and Adelaide Road has the lowest crime rate, with just one crime taking place in May 2014.

Second year Biological Sciences Student Eddy lives on Adelaide Road and said: “Kensington receives a lot of remarks regarding crime, but it’s relatively pleasant living here.

“It surprises me there aren’t more students that live here due to how close it is to uni.”

Overall in Kensington a total of 537 crimes happened between September 2013 and June 2014, compared to a worrying 2,614 in Smithdown.