Fiddler on the roof: Student caught masturbating over housemate on roof

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A horrified third year caught her flatmate masturbating and staring at her – after he crawled on to the roof outside her window.

Liverpool Hope student Sam was watching TV in her bedroom when a concerned neighbour called round to alert her a man was masturbating while looking into her window.

The Drama student, who was living in Kensington, later found out it was her housemate who had snuck onto the roof to relieve himself while peering into her room.

Sam was blissfully chilling out in her bedroom last year when there was a knock on the door at around 2am.

Sam told The Tab: “I went to answer and there was a middle aged woman I didn’t recognise.

“She asked if I was the girl who lived in the back bedroom on the first floor.

“I told her yes, and she said: ‘My son has just woken me. There has been a man sitting on the roof outside your bedroom window masturbating.'”

Caught in action

Sam, the victim of the fiddler

She continued: “I freaked out. I was afraid whoever was out there might have climbed in through my open window while I answered the door, so I asked the lady to come up with me while I closed it.

“I also noticed footprints on the roof near my window. I arranged a house meeting, and naturally they were worried.

“My boyfriend and family wanted me to move out.”

But it wasn’t until the neighbour’s son came round to check on Sam a few days later that they realised it was actually one of her housemates who had been pleasuring himself that evening.

“He pulled me aside when he came round and told me he was 100 per cent sure that I was living with the guy that had done it because he recognised him when we were in the kitchen.”

They also noticed the tread of his trainers matched the footprints Sam had found on the roof.

Sam rang the police, but it took them three days to collect a statement.

“I called the police, but there was little urgency from them. Unfortunately, as you can see, the pictures weren’t the best quality but you can see how close the man was.

“When they arrived the policewoman told me that, based on the statements and evidence we’d given, they felt they had enough to make an arrest, and later I received a phone call telling me to stay in my room out of sight of him, as they’d be there in half an hour.

“When they came to arrest him, they found clothes matching the descriptions and those seen in the photos.”

The footprints left on the roof

But after investigation no further action was taken, leaving Sam furious.

“The whole situation was hellish, and now this pervert’s got off scot-free.

“Don’t take it for granted that people know what acceptable behaviour is and what is not.

“There are clearly some real weirdos out there, and what is worse is that the police didn’t seem to care.

“Would they have waited until a violent crime had taken place before pursuing a conviction?

“This whole experience has certainly taught me a lesson.

“If nothing else, I’m now much more conscious of my personal safety, even of just keeping my blinds drawn all the time.

“I’m also a lot more wary of people, even those who at first seem ok.”

The guy, who was a foreign student, has since returned to the continent and did not respond to our request for comment.