The art of ‘prinking’

Nights out are quickly becoming overshadowed by the antics taking place beforehand. Here are 8 reasons the pre-lash is king.

drinking going out pre-drinks Prinks ring of fire

Prinking, also known as pre-drinking or what the American’s call ‘pre-gaming’, is commonly performed among students and is based on the theory that “too much of a good thing is an even better thing”.

Prink (verb) – The act of drinking at an immoderate pace prior to an event which may, or may not, include more drinking.

Popularised by the strenuous price of academic books, food and the ever-steepening cost of alcohol, the art of prinking has arguably become way better than going out.

#1 The Chalice

You can drink out of your favourite mug. This usually adds a sense of comfort and familiarity to the drinking process.

Only for the experienced time-traveller

#2 The Choons

You can listen to real music. None of that Avicii rubbish.

A personal recommendation

#3 The Company

You can hand-pick a special list of V.I.P’s to attend your prinking session. Ensuring you’re surrounded by the people you know and love (usually just the idiots you live with).

Some guests are cooler to hang out with

#4 The Shoes

You do NOT have to wear heels – Ladies I’m sure you’ll agree this is a huge advantage of prinking.

Flats are by far the superior choice

Flats are by far the superior choice

#5 The Games

Whether it be ring of fire, higher or lower, or beer pong, prinking games are definitely the highlight of any night out.

A classic predrinking scene

#6 The Dollar

Prinking will save you a lot of money. Imperial vodka – only slightly more expensive than oxygen.

Lighting a match around this may be a health hazard

#7 The Shield

Pre-drinking can reform even the most dreaded of events into a raucous haze.


Nobody wants to be sober in a suit

#8 The Photo-Ops

Prinks are the perfect excuse to take cheesy webcam pics.


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