Blurred Lines…He Knows You Want It

Radio 1Xtra Live visit the Echo arena as part of their 2013 tour… complete with Robin Thicke

BBC Radio 1Extra Blurred Lines Echo Arena Iggy Azalea John Newman Nelly Robin Thicke Tinie Tempah

Yesterday saw the arrival of BBC Radio 1Extra Live and the headliner was the controversial Robin Thicke.

The crowd – mostly made up of overtly tanned young girls – enjoyed John Newman, Iggy Azalea, Nelly, the surprise guest who turned out to be Tinie Tempah and headliner Robin Thicke.

John Newman was the first on

John Newman was mediocre, nothing out of the ordinary but Iggy Azalea, well, what is that all about!? Too much blonde, too much ass, too much rap (or an attempt at it.)

Nelly was as to be expected. With a repertoire of many well-known songs, it was a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Nelly…It’s getting hot in here (it actually was as well)

The same applied to Tinie Tempah, after his surprise appearance was anticipated far too much. If his ego wasn’t big enough it surely will be now.

Tinie Tempah is going to pass out…someone get him a glass of water

Then the man in the suit arrived. As opposed to what you may expect after all of the controversy currently surrounding the song  ‘Blurred Lines’, there was nothing but love in the room for Robin Thicke: everybody wanted to get up when he told them to.

Robin Thicke and his blurred lines. Do you think he just needs glasses?

The Tab can confirm all girls returned home safely after this gig. Well, we haven’t heard otherwise…

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