Scratch That Itch

Itchy Feet comes to the Magnet with a ‘50s style Halloween theme

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Swinging hits, flouncy dresses and the occasional dash of fake blood were the ingredients for Tuesday night’s Itchy Feet.

Itchy Feet is a touring event, or as their website terms it, a “homeless party,” and this Tuesday it was the Magnet’s turn to host, just in time for Halloween.

Itchy Feet taps its toes in most of the major cities in the country, aiming to visit each one five times a year.

The night did not disappoint; it only proved that although the hits originated back in the old days, they are timeless.

Feel-good was the key term of the evening: bad moods were not allowed and with the prices of drinks satisfyingly reasonable, there was no reason not to have a quality night.

Tickets cost up to £6 so as with any event you pay entry for, expectations were high but I would argue that it was more than worth the price, as I’m sure most who attended would agree.

The volume of the music in the underground venue was loud, very loud and undoubtedly there were many ears ringing this morning.

The music included the Beatles, as is only right in their birthplace, Elvis and numerous other well-known classics.

A quality, enjoyable night that consisted of something different from the average, run-of-the-mill club tunes was just what Liverpool needed, and that’s what it got.