The roadmap out of lockdown: Lincoln student edition

Quack here we come

After nearly a year of restrictions and three (yes THREE) lockdowns, there is finally an end in sight and soon we could all be reunited with our old lives by June 21st if all goes to plan in Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown. Yesterday, schools reopened their doors for the first time in three months, people could visit their loved ones in care homes, and you can meet with one other person in an outdoor public space for a picnic or a coffee. Thus began the stages out of lockdown we have all been so desperately waiting for.

Boris set out four steps for the easing of lockdown restrictions. If all goes to plan, within the next months we can all look forward to pub garden drinks, picnics on West Common, and those long-awaited haircuts.

We have set out a step-by-step guide to the easing of lockdown for Lincoln students.

Step One: A picnic with your friend

8th March

As we are now allowed to meet up with one other person outside, Lincoln students can finally spice up their lockdown walk by meeting up with a friend for a picnic, coffee, or a flask of vodka Redbull (we’re not judging, one more breakout room and there won’t be a mixer in there). West Common will probably be the most popular choice, but there are so many places to go on a lockdown walk, and I’m sure we’ll see half of Lincoln trying to ignore the rain as we enjoy our first taste of freedom – but as soon as it’s sunny, a field is almost a beer garden, right?

29th March

At the end of March, six people or two households will be allowed to meet up outside, so you can gather your housemates for that long-awaited game of rounders (let’s see who was exaggerating their abilities), or finally have that party in your garden, as meeting in private outdoor spaces will also be permitted. You’ve still got time to convert your outdoor space into the smoking area of your dreams, or an elaborate recreation of the Love Island villa, start putting together the playlist now, see you at the firepit.

Step Two: Beer garden anyone?

12th April

Shops, hairdressers, and beauty salons will all be able to reopen, which is lucky because everyone will finally get their lockdown haircut, nails, eyebrows, and buying a new outfit that doesn’t involve joggers and a dressing gown, in time for: Beer gardens opening!

Hospitality venues will be allowed to serve people outdoors with no need for a substantial meal or a curfew, meaning that late nights drinking too many cocktails or pints with your friends are finally returning (I’ll still be getting curly fries at the Swan whether Boris tells me I have to or not).

Gyms will also be reopening.


17th May

Spoons will finally be open properly! Indoor hospitality reopens along with the lifting of social contact rules outside, and two households or six people can meet indoors, meaning life is truly well on its way back to normal. Whether drinking 2 for 1 cocktail in Slug and Lettuce, eating your bodyweight in Nando’s, or finally having a proper (if scaled down) pre’s in your kitchen, it will truly feel like summer. And that’ll be the second to last push of ending lockdown that we have all been praying for.


21st June

The day we have all been waiting for, all social distancing rules will be lifted, and everywhere will be open with no restrictions. Yes, that finally includes nightclubs. All your fave club nights will be back, and even if you didn’t manage to get tickets for the first Quack of the year, you can guarantee that the vibes will be incredible wherever you do go this summer. At last, we can hug all of our friends at once, kiss a stranger, or embarrass ourselves on a dancefloor once again. A hangover will never feel so good.

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