‘People have a right and duty to rebel’: Extinction Rebellion clap back at police investigation of Barclays graffiti

They say their actions were a matter of public urgency

Extinction Rebellion (XR) Lincolnshire, who spray painted Barclays bank last Thursday, have defended their actions, after the revelation that Lincolnshire Police are investigating into criminal damage offences.

Charley Camm, media co-ordinator for XR Lincolnshire told The Lincoln Tab: "There are solutions that are technically and economically possible within a short space of time, but urgent action is needed, and the government is not listening.

"Extinction Rebellion believes that people have a right and duty to rebel, to save our lives and the future of humanity.

"There is no time to lose, and we are using non-violent direct action."

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The graffiti on Barclays bank last week is being investigated by Lincolnshire Police

In a previous statement, XR Lincolnshire said that they targeted Barclays because they are a huge financial backer of the fossil fuel industry, and according to the Banking on Climate Change report, Barclays is also the worst offender in Europe.

"Fossil fuel companies are only able to finance their mines and oilfields with the help of banks and despite dire warnings about the fate of the planet, these banks are increasing their financing for fossil fuel companies."

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Pictured left to right: Rosemary Robinson, XR Lincolnshire leader and Charley Camm, media co-ordinator

Alongside the graffiti, XR Lincolnshire kickstarted their campaign with a protest in the city centre last month which saw approximately 150 people take part.

They also hung banners across the city this weekend as part of their 'Paint the Streets' campaign.

XR Lincolnshire commented further: "There is a climate emergency, and only a small amount of time to prevent catastrophic runaway effects, leading to global food and water shortages, mass migration and societal collapse.

"Human extinction is a real and escalating risk. This is not alarmist exaggeration, but the scientific consensus of what we are heading towards within our lifetimes if serious action is not taken within the next few years."