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Protesters in Lincoln warn public of ‘a global climate emergency’

They say we have 11 years to turn it around

Approximately 150 activists from Extinction Rebellion Lincolnshire, Youth Strike 4 Climate and Plastic Free Lincoln gathered in Lincoln city centre today to warn the public of a global climate emergency.

The protest began with members laying on the floor and pretending to be dead for 11 minutes- to represent their belief that we have 11 years until climate change becomes extremely serious.

Rosemary Robinson, a member of XR Lincolnshire told the Lincoln Tab:

"It is quite easy for people think when we are talking about climate change that it's something that will happen in the future.

"We wanted to bring home to people that this is something that is happening right now, and is going to happen to my children and my grandchildren."

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Protesters laid on the ground to symbolise current mass extinction and the fate of humanity

Youth Strike 4 Climate saw 15,000 young people protest in the streets across the UK last month, including some in Grantham.

On March 1st, students from Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School walked out of school in protest at the lack of action on climate change.

Today, many more took part in this action across the country (including Louth) and in Lincoln to raise public awareness of the severity and urgency of the crisis.

Rosemary added:

"We really wanted to raise public awareness today. A lot of people think it something that doesn't matter to them.

"Well, yes it is happening, and it's happening in this country right now.

"Our potato harvest was down 30 per cent last year, and if global warming carries on, who knows what it is going to be like in a few years time.

"It's scary. We will starve, and we will not be able to import from other countries because they will be in the same situation."

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Members made their own personal placards

Extinction Rebellion is a rapidly growing international movement that started in the UK in October 2018, and now has hundreds of local groups in 27 countries.

The Lincolnshire group has their own website, and already has 308 members in their Facebook group, with 40 of these joining in the last week. They are encouraging as many people as possible to join.

At the protest, leaflets handed out to the public read:

"We are facing an unprecedented global climate emergency. The Government has failed to protect us. We have to act now.

"Human extinction is a real and escalating risk.

"We are heading towards disastrous temperature rises in our children's lifetimes, with widespread food shortages and mass migration."

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At a talk at Lincoln University last week, TV celebrity, Chris Packham spoke about Extinction Rebellion.

He said that politicians were ignoring climate breakdown warnings from scientists so it was time for ordinary people, like those taking a stand with Extinction Rebellion, to make them listen.

Extinction Rebellion say they will be continuing to protest and organise events in the city to tackle the worldwide problem.

To read the full manifesto, and for more information visit