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Barclays bank was spray painted by climate change activists this week

The action was part of an international Extinction Rebellion campaign named ‘Paint the Streets’

Extinction Rebellion Lincolnshire activists have returned to the city centre this week in a further attempt to raise awareness of climate change.

The activists spray painted Barclays bank on Lincoln High street on Thursday with the words "climate crisis" and "stop backing fracking".

In a statement, they say that they targeted Barclays because they are a huge financial backer of the fossil fuel industry, and according to the Banking on Climate Change report, Barclays is also the worst offender in Europe.

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"Stop backing fracking" was written on the bank located on Lincoln high street

In an article written by The Guardian, it states that since the UN Paris climate change agreement was signed at the end of 2015, Barclays has funded the fossil fuel industry to the tune of $85 billion worldwide, including fracking and coal in Britain.

In each case this funding has been integral to fossil fuel companies undertaking ecologically destructive projects, sometimes forcefully, against the wishes of local communities.

Rosemary Robinson, 64 year old retired grandmother and leader of XR Lincolnshire told the Lincoln Tab: "Whilst everyone seems aware that there is a problem about climate change, most people don't know how serious it is or how small the window of time is to reduce the most severe consequences.

"It is mostly because the government are not telling us and doing what they should".

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Alongside spray painting, XR hung banners across the city this weekend, to draw attention to the current climate emergency.

The banners carried messages including "climate change will affect us all," and "wake up".

They also launched their campaign last month with a march in Lincoln city centre, in which approximately 150 climate change protestors took part.

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Banners have been spotted all over Lincoln city

Some of Extinction Rebellion Lincolnshire will be heading to London for a protest starting on April 15th, following the semi naked protest that took place in the House of Commons last week.

The protest in the capital saw activists gluing their hands to the public gallery with their buttocks facing the chamber in the middle of a Brexit debate.

12 people have reportedly been arrested for public indecency following the protest.

XR Lincolnshire say they will hold many more actions in the coming weeks and months to raise awareness in the county of the climate emergency, and what needs to be done urgently for a better future.