Lincoln might not be cool or edgy, but we love it

You can keep the Warehouse Project, we’ve got Quack

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We’d be lying if we said we went to a cool uni- if anything, its famously uncool.

Despite it’s forever rising position within the league tables, Lincoln can’t seem to shake off it’s persona of being small, second-ranking, and quite frankly “a shithole”.

People that go to the more popular universities- Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, for example, either haven’t heard of Lincoln, or seem to scoff in a you-go-to-a shit uni kind of way. Even the met kids seem smirk when you utter its name.

Normally people respond with “Where the fuck is that?”, before you try justify its vague East Midland region. Usually saying near Skegness or Grimbsy makes things even worse.


basic Lincoln pre’s

Or there’s the classic: “Does Lincoln even have any clubs?” It has FIVE clubs. Granted, only a couple are actually semi-decent, but we still have FIVE venues- which is more than can be said for most people’s shitty hometown villages.

The nightlife is less ketty vibes and more Taylor Swift and free pizza- but that’s all part of Lincoln’s charm. You know there will be someone dressed up as a Harry Potter character. You know the only celebs present will be the Chuckle Brothers. You know when Skepta comes on only 10 per cent of people will genuinely know the words.

Other ‘proper’ cities might host the wildest all night raves, complete with sniffer dogs on the door and 1/3 of the queue sporting Elycee tshirts- but we’ll let them get on with that. Lincoln has accepted its audience is more into cheap jager bombs and 3am cheesy chips, and it caters for us perfectly.


We don’t care

In terms of culture in Lincoln, it’s definitely historic but it’s certainly not hip by any stretch of the imagination. The vintage fair every couple of months allows us to try and be a little indie – but we’re normally left pondering in the Engine Shed wondering if paying for a stained shirt is worth the street cred. Normally, it’s not, and we refer back to last season Topshop.

There’s plenty of cute tearooms on steep hill that allows us to take a few snaps for Instagram though, so we can try and pretend we’re totally vintage in that sense. But who are we kidding.


Lincoln is the perfect place for students that want to be in a friendly atmosphere. There’s always going to be the knob heads that push in the Superbull queue, or the group throwing piss at people in Quack…but all in all, we don’t host an overbearing amount of pricks. We’re actually all pretty down to earth.

We don’t have to try to be cool, we don’t have to pose in Tiger Tiger with our push up bras, or get our gurns on at the Warehouse project. We’re Lincoln students and we’re all as happily tragic as each other.