What have you been stealing on nights out?

Own up

It seems that swiping items, mostly when drunk, is a common occurrence at university. It may be that we are simply skint and skanky students that can’t afford glasses and cutlery.

Or it may be that our high levels of toxicity contributes to our overwhelming desire to take whatever we fancy.

Either way, we scouted the worst common thieves on campus.

Olivia Peace, English and Journalism 

“Urm, I once stole a really big photo frame from a nightclub. I’ve no idea how I managed to get it out without the bouncers seeing.”


We don’t know what this guy in the background thinks, but he just looks classic.

Natasha Ireton Brooke, PR

“I once managed to steal a full packet of BN biscuits from Skint. I wasn’t complaining.”

Eddie Keller, Journalism

“Me and my friends were drunk and stole a life size cardboard cut out of Peter Andre from ASDA. It was the day before his book signing.”

Harriet Stevenson, Journalism

“I don’t steal things that are very out of the ordinary, but I do have several glasses from nights out. If I see a glass that is like cool or a bit different I have to have it.”

Let’s face it, we all do it