We spoke to the students who made *THAT* viral Hyde Park basement

Their landlord doesn’t know they’ve done it

It’s undeniable that Hyde Park houses have a reputation. Rats burrowing in bushes, cracks in the wall, and the rundown aesthetic that comes with months of repairs that have been marked as “not urgent” by the landlord.

So, you plaster posters onto the wall, haphazardly hang fairy lights around your window, buy some colourful storage boxes at an attempt of feeling at home. But within the chaos, the general zeitgeist of living in a uni house is making the most of what you’ve got. And sometimes that involves spray painting the walls of your basement, installing a full DJ kit, and turning it into your very own club.

Rachel and her housemates transformed their  basement into a club

Branded “The Pink Room”, Rachel Johnston first began the project with friends as a set up for a housemate’s 22nd birthday.

“Her favourite colour is pink and we thought a disco ball would be fun too. We did the theme of gangsters through the ages too so everyone dressed up.” Rachel told The Tab.

They also installed a disco ball in the room

Working as a Marketing Assistant at Seagulls, a Leeds-based company that recycles leftover paint, Rachel managed to get the bulk of the painting supplies for free, something she describes as “very handy”.

Instead, they splashed the extra cash on DJs 199 and hiring speakers to elevate the club experience.

“It probably cost £100 altogether with cleaning supplies, speakers et cetera, but we split it all between four housemates.

“Probably would have been so much more with paint though!” Rachel admits.

The walls were decorated with spray paint Image: Sam Teesdale

Whilst the housemates haven’t used the basement since their viral TikTok video, they have had some external demand for the space.

“We did get a message from Voodoo reps asking for a Brit nominee DJ to host a ‘Space Tuesday Afters’ for a Voodoo black card.” she said.

A black card would have given the house access to free entry to every Voodoo event night, something Rachel describes jokingly as “possibly the worst deal ever.”

In terms of their landlord’s reaction, they’re not sure what to expect, but remain “hoping for the best.”

And for any lucky future tenants, the group aren’t planning on getting rid of the decor after they leave in July. So check your basements on moving day kids, because your new house could be home to your very own iconic venue.

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