Three Leeds Uni Men’s Football Club members suspended after feminist exhibition vandalised

An investigation is ongoing to decide on the punishments for those involved

Three members of the University of Leeds Men’s FC (LUUMAFC) have been “suspended indefinitely” after it emerged some players vandalised a black feminist society exhibition.

The University of Leeds and LUU are now investigating to decide on “the ultimate consequences” the students will face.

Leeds University Black Feminist Society said: “These disturbing actions only amplify the importance of our demonstration.”

A spokesperson for LUUMAFC said: “The vandalism of the ‘El Tendedero’ exhibition is a disgrace, totally unacceptable and irrefutably wrong.”

An image of the vandalism to the exhibition | via @luublackfemsoc on Instagram

The El Tendedero exhibition is a collaboration with LUU Black Fem Soc, LUU Mexican Society, LUU South Asian Feminist Society and Leeds Uni Feminist Society, and translates from Spanish to “the clothesline”.

The exhibition is described as a “feminist demonstration against the patriarchal system of oppression”.

Leeds Black Feminist Society said that at “approximately 10pm on Tuesday, El Tendedero was vandalised”, with the LUUMAFC acronym written across the back of some of the responses.

Two messages were also written saying someone’s sister is so “fit” and to “add my insta.”

Leeds University Black Feminist Society released a statement on their Instagram, which read: “We cannot describe how we feel in this moment. This demonstration marked the courage and bravery of everyone with lived experience of patriarchal oppression.

“To all those who shared their experiences, regardless of the form, we are sorry they were defiled in such a violent way.

“Please know that this does not take away, minimise or silence your bravery, courage and resilience in standing where you are today. These disturbing actions only amplify the importance of our demonstration.”

Following the incident, a sponsor of LUUMAFC, Right Let Leeds, made a statement on its Instagram which read: “At Right Let Leeds, we strictly do not condone this behaviour from anyone, let alone a club we ourselves sponsor. We will be dealing with this matter internally over the coming days.”

A spokesperson for Right Let Leeds told The Leeds Tab: “We have ended our sponsorship of LUUMAFC with immediate effect as we do not condone this behaviour.”

A spokesperson for LUUMAFC told The Tab:  “The club is aware of the damage caused to the “El Tendedero” exhibition last week and is working proactively with Leeds University Union to ensure that appropriate action is taken against the individuals involved.

“As per the previous statement on our Instagram, all three parties have been removed from the club.

“We will not be commenting further at this time, given the ongoing investigation into the matter.”

An LUU spokesperson told The Tab: “An LUU Investigation into this incident is underway so we are unable to comment further other than to confirm that we are at the initial stage of gathering the facts and evidence alongside the LUUMAFC committee.

“Anyone affected by this matter is encouraged to speak to our help and support team. Information on the ways you can do this are available on our website:

The Leeds Black Feminist Society has been approached for comment. The University of Leeds declined to comment. One person known to be involved in the post has been approached for comment.

Cover image credits: @luublackfemsoc

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