Watch out Leeds, Squid Game is coming to Hyde Park

You can now buy tickets on Fatsoma

A Facebook post was shared on Leeds Students’ Group (LSG) today where a student stated he was setting up Squid Game in Hyde Park, Leeds.

While he admits the post was initially written in jest, it’s now completely serious with the first round taking place November 26th.

Leeds’ Squid Game will include six rounds of popular childhood games: Bull Dog, Nutmeg Rush, Beep Test, Crate Challenge, Dodgeball, and finally, Free For All.

The initial post stated that a loss in any game would result in a paintball to the face. However, the organiser wants to comply with university health and safety regulations and, therefore, this will not be happening.

The organiser has assembled a team and reps will be masked playing the role of the guards.

Tickets can be purchased on Fatsoma. For a VIP ticket it’s £25, while a spectator ticket is only £2. However, to actually play you’ll need to cough up a whopping £100.

The ticket costs will go towards the £10,000 prize money and drinks.

Who will play is going to be decided on a first come, first served basis so if you wish to be one of the hundred contestants, you best hurry!

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