Which Squid Game character would your Leeds Uni hall be?

Charlie Mo, you can’t be surprised. Spoiler alert warning!

With the Netflix show Squid Game rapidly becoming one of the most watched TV series on Netflix (seen by more than 82 million subscribers worldwide in its first 28 days), the obvious question for students arises… what character is your Uni of Leeds first year accom?

Central Village and Cityside – Cho Sang-Woo

“Did you know he studies Business?”

Basically every student in Central Village or Cityside wants to go into investment and will live a cushty life in a penthouse apartment (similar to the pristine en-suite and double bed’s they enjoy in halls). Most of them give off vibes they would commit a crime to continue this lush lifestyle, but secretly we’re all jealous of them and their baths.

Charles Morris – The VIPs

This one is quite self-explanatory, all Charlie Mo students need to complete the VIP character are waiters in the refectory…

Devonshire – Oh Il-nam

Just like Dev is the oldest and most elite hall, Oh Il-nam is the oldest and most elite player in ‘Squid Game’. Seems like the nice guy at first, but turns out to only really care about black-tie dinners and pony club. Dev is also right next to James Ballie, so they can dip in and out of a grotty pres whenever they choose, but the comfort of their money is just a stones throw away.

James Baillie – Kang Sae-byeok

I can’t think of someone more suited to James Ballie than Kang Sae-byoek. She’s very cool and very mysterious. She always looks a bit rough, but attractive at the same time. The drama that surrounds Kang makes her seem like an angry drug-fuelled teen, but deep down she’s actually really great.

Henry Price – Seong Gi-hun

We hate to be rude, but if your parents saw Henry Price and agreed to leave you at the depressing, prison-looking building, they care about you as much as Seong cares about his daughter.

We have to give it to you though, anyone who can put up with the state of those halls for a year, deserves a lot of respect. Just like Seong, he makes weird decisions but his life is depressing, and he still managed to win the game and come out of it looking like a hero, so good on ya.

Lyddon – The Frontman

Charles Morris wannabes, the Frontman watches the VIP’s in the hope that one day he might be considered one of them. But for now, you’re stuck in the annex with the other Charlie Mo rejects.

Leodis – Han Mi-nyeo

Leodis is close to uni, but the walk is entirely uphill… just like Han being good at things, but also super annoying the whole time. Han tries to get into any group that will accept her, similarly to Leodis students always being there but never being part of a group – unless it’s a leodis pres, which are always a bit of a letdown? However, deep down they mean well, just as Han literally sacrifices her life to kill the bad guy in the end.

Montague Burton – Abdul Ali

Ah Monty B! You’ve lucked out with this to be fair. Everyone from Montague Burton is so nice, and no one ever dislikes someone from these halls. But just as shown in the way Ali dies, nice people never come out on top, and at the end of the day you kind of saw his death coming…

Oxley – Player 324 (the first player to be eliminated)

Is Oxley even in Leeds? You’d be player 324 because you’d miss the first game by the time you finally get there.

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