What your Leeds Uni hall says about you

If you say ‘raaahhh’ you’re deffo from Charles Morris

As we conclude the second week of uni, all the freshers will be settling in nicely to their uni accommodation. But do you know about the stereotypes prescribed to each Leeds Uni hall? If not, don’t worry, The Leeds Tab has everything you need to know about what your choice of accom says about you:

Charles Morris 

You’re rich. You’re fit. You went to private school. And you’re probably from Surrey. As the home to Leeds’ most heard question (“raahhh, where’s my baccie?”), Charles Morris inhabitants are not quite ready to leave behind the lavish lifestyle they’re used to.

If you’ve chosen ‘Charlie Mo’ to be your first year home then you’ve probably never had to cook a meal for yourself in your life, nor washed dishes, nor had to share a bathroom with your siblings, and you now use daddy’s money to get ketty.

Let us not forget, that you also cannot ruin your perfect, golden feet, so absolutely must live no more than five minutes away from your lecture halls. You’ve also got way too many clothes to have to not a have a washing machine in your kitchen.


Central Village 

Sorry, we had to say it, but if you’re living in CV then you probs got rejected from Charles Morris and was forced to live in your second choice. Like the Charles Morris inhabitants, you’re most likely middle class and don’t want to have to get up any earlier than needed (oh the joys of rolling out of bed and into your lecture).

If you’re living in Central village then you want the best of both of worlds: you’re not quite ready to leave the luxury of having a big room and en-suite, but you want to dive into the uni experience and make your own scran (or you’re just fussy). Perfectly located for a Tesco meal deal.

Where’s my meal deal?

Lyddon Hall 

Lyddon Hall was probably not your first choice, but there’s no way you’d to make it to that 9am if you didn’t live on campus, so Lyddon will have to do.

With its Georgian-style architecture and high ceilings, you’re probably pretty artsy and love a cobbled street. You also know that you’re the perfect pull at Fruity considering you literally live five seconds away from the Union.

At least it looks pretty?

Henry Price 

You know what you’re doing living on the edge of campus: you don’t have to walk far to get to lectures, nor are you far from the excitement of Hyde Park. With it’s decent sized kitchens and bedrooms, you want to be able cook your own meals, but don’t want to have to pay the extortionate prices of the other on-campus halls.

You’ve just got to pray that you don’t get stuck with a shared room. Clearly aesthetic views don’t bother you given Henry Price overlooks a graveyard. But it’s only a year though, right?

Clarence Dock 

With its close proximity to town, all of you Clarence Dock (formerly Lib Dock) residents deffo love a night out and are not afraid to walk home alone bladdered at the end of a night in Mischief. You’re probably doing some sort of science degree and are happy to spend time in the library in between lectures, as you don’t have enough time to go home.

James Baillie 

To all of the freshers who don’t know, James Baillie is often dubbed the most fun of Leeds Uni halls. Home to stashes of red stripes, drugs and fit girls in flares, James Baillie residents are super fun, love to party, and are purely here for the uni life and not the degree.

I mean that’s what first year is all about: pass or fail year? Yes please! If you’ve lived in James Baillie, then you’re fit, intimidating, fashionable, know how to sesh, and probably southern.

where’s the sesh @?

Devonshire Halls

With its Pride and Prejudice like grounds, Dev students are 100% posh. Home to many rugby lads and Drama and English students. You clearly watch Made in Chelsea and just have to see how Jamie Laing spent his first year at Leeds.

You love old buildings and everything to do with the arts, and don’t mind the longer walk into uni, as long as you don’t have to cook for yourself. You didn’t get past the audition stage for SMS so decided to partake in the Dev annual shows instead. Being closer to Headingley, you probably love a bookshop and a trip to a local cafe.

Can definitely imagine the cast of MIC living here


As one of the cheaper residences at Leeds Uni, you love to save money. A single bed and shared bathroom is cool for you, because you spent your summer living it “rough” in hostels across the world. You either play Cricket, or love to watch it so being close to the stadium is important to you.

Seeing you on campus is a rarity as you’d rather write your essays in Hyde Park Book Club with a rum and coke in hand. You’ve nailed the “edgy Leeds look” down to a T and love to sesh hard.


Leodis is an ideal accom for heavy pres and parties with its large grounds and its residences clearly don’t care about upsetting the neighbours. Having your own bedroom and en-suite is important to you and you absolutely love to party. The huge hill on the way to campus is not a problem, as you’re probably always too hungover to go to uni anyway.

Party, party

The Tannery 

You really couldn’t be bothered to follow the accommodation tour when you visited the Leeds open day, could you? Living treks away, you’re used to an early rise and will happily spend your days working in the library so you don’t have to go home.

Being forced to stay on campus all day, you take a degree in science or business and have more lecture hours than humanities students. You’re just pretty unlucky tbh but at least you can spend your student loan on Pizza la Fonte and keep an eye out for Viv walking into the Emmerdale studios.


You’re super unlucky, we bet Oxley wasn’t even on your accom list. You’re probably active, love walking and early rises. Like those in The Tannery, you spend your days in the library or searching for mates who live on campus so you can hang at theirs in between lectures. While you want to live the uni life, working hard and getting a first in your degree is very important to you, so living far away from everyone is not a problem.

Looks quite nice tbf

Mary Morris 

You were probably too late when applying for accommodation, or joined uni late. Living out in Headingley, you miss half of your lectures because you love getting smashed at Taps.

You’ll never finish an Otley Run because home is just too close for you and you’d happily only ever hang out with your flat mates. Being at Uni of doesn’t bother you as you’re happy to live with students from Beckett, Trinity, and the Arts and Music colleges.

Montague Burton 

Do you even exist?! You’ve got the luxury of living close to campus, and having a double bed, but you’re here to get a first in your degree and not to make mates outside of your halls. With your pool table, TV, and gym equipment, do you even need to leave your home? You’re an enigma and work hard. Montague Burton inhabitants, please reveal yourselves.


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