Warning issued to residents on Headingley Avenue after house party

Hundreds of students emerged onto a back street after a house party was shut down around 4AM on Sunday Morning

Residents of Headingley Avenue and the surrounding streets have been warned by local residents after a house party was shut down at four in the morning on Sunday, leaving party goers to spill onto the street until the early hours.

The back street between Headingley Avenue and Headingley Mount was littered with bottles, cups and rubbish by students, caused by a house party that “disturbed the whole neighbourhood.”

The backstreet was left in a shocking state | via Facebook

Footage obtained by The Leeds Tab shows snapchat footage revealing hundreds of students partying in the street, with a video being posted captioned “Headingley Avenue is active 🤣.” Students sung loudly, reportedly disturbing local residents, and large numbers of students in a basement, singing and dancing.

Currently, two households can meet indoors, but more than two is illegal.

A post describing the incident was posted onto the Headingley Ash Road Area Facebook group. An admin asked the residents of the house party and those who attended to clear the whole street by 6PM on Sunday 6th June, with remnants spreading as far as Canterbury Drive.

Broken glass, bottles and plastic bottles littered the back street, causing injury to “pedestrians, animals and car tyres.”

The admin then stated that if no-one owned up to the incident and cleared up, then he would knock door to door to ascertain information on the hosts.

He stated that: “If anyone would like to provide info regarding the incident, you’re welcome to PM me in confidence [the admin],” or residents can report the incidents to the Universities, LASBT or West Yorkshire Police.

An update posted on the group showed those responsible had cleared the majority of the damage and mess, but there were still “substantial amounts of glass at the bottom of the street,” and “remnants of glass bottles are still strewn across Canterbury Road.”

It seems that whilst the party went down well with some students, others who live at the bottom of the road “aired their annoyance,” whilst being Leeds Uni students themselves, as the exam period is still currently ongoing and the “ASB is seriously affecting their studies / sleep.”

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