A man appears to be spying on Leeds students with a camera on a stick

‘We were a bit concerned that we could be targeted’


Several students have reported sightings of a man going around Hyde Park using a weird invention to peer into bedrooms.

What is this creepy contraption, you ask? It’s a camera on the end of a really long pole.

This video was taken on Back Manor Drive in Hyde Park.

Lauren Price was caught off guard when she first saw the unknown man outside her house.

Lauren told The Leeds Tab: “At first we didn’t really think much, but then we realised it was actually quite concerning as the camera was at bedroom level and could see directly into our rooms.”

Rather than worrying about him being a potential perv, Lauren cited “an attempted burglary up the road a few days ago,” as her main concern.

Lauren said: “We were a bit concerned that we could be targeted.”

The unknown photographer

Lauren’s housemate said: “Hopefully it is just some pervert, as bad as it sounds, rather than a burglar looking for empty houses.”

He said:  “I was in a lecture so didn’t want to confront him. I didn’t know whether I should’ve confronted him anyway as he could have been a roof worker or something.”

The housemates discussed their concerns before finally calling the police who told them they had “filed the info away”, but they couldn’t do anything because “there was no crime.”

West Yorkshire Police have been contacted for comment and are yet to confirm if they are investigating the matter.