Here are all of Leeds students weirdest online lecture stories so far

Someone dropped their baby??

Online lectures were always bound to be an interesting experience. After all, these lecturers expected to deliver material by the means of online technology, are the same lecturers who struggle to turn the sound on for a YouTube video.  

Despite us only being a few weeks into the new term, some students have already experienced their fair share of online learning anticsSome lecturers have gone all out, employing the use of a sound booth. Others not so much, such as the professor who dropped their baby in a live lecture. 

Thanks to the comments on a LeedsFess post, we’ve compiled a list of the weirdest online lecture stories so far. When reading through these remember, the next time you’re in a lecture, there is a student somewhere who is definitely having a more entertaining time than you are. 

There’s always a dog 

It’s moments like these that get us through the day. At this point, the lecturer should have just abandoned the lesson because realistically who is going to pay attention once there’s a dog involved. 

 A group of budding artists 

I guarantee you that the lecturer was one of the players in that game of noughts and crosses. But what is an online whiteboard without an imaginative drawing?

Slagging off uni is a must


Students will never pass up an opportunity to remind everyone that they are paying £9,250 a year. Especially when it’s to be sat behind a screen, alone in their bedroom and probably at this point self-isolating 

Getting down with the kids 


Hopefully, these messages don’t reflect the lecturer’s ability to use technology or these students are in for a long year. 

A system older than this year’s freshers 


I can hear the student from before crying, “we’re paying £9,250 a year! Someone get this guy a decent update! Kudos to the professor for successfully pulling this off though, there are some who can’t even do this on Windows 10… 

It’s not just us, it’s our parents too 


Last but not least, it may not be an online lecture but it is worthy of inclusion. It’s always good to know that our parents are in on the antics too.  

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