Which Love is Blind cast member is your university of Leeds halls?

Mark would deffo offer PT classes at the Edge

There’s no denying that Love is Blind has had many Netflix addicts glued to their screens and posed many questions about love. We mean, is love really blind? Try telling that to the 6/10 you pulled in Fruity on Friday night.

From love triangles, to sexuality confessions, to interracial relationships, and engagements after two weeks, our current fave TV show has had more drama than our first year accom. But which cast member represents your halls?

Charles Morris- Jessica Batten

If you’ve seen Love is Blind, then you’ll know Jessica is one of the most controversial people on the telly right now. You either love her or you hate her, and boy do we hate to love her – much like our beloved Charles Morris residents. While many live in jealousy of their double beds and en-suites, you can’t lie that their expensive attire isn’t peng and it’s always a bonus when you pull one at Fruity so you don’t have to pay for a cab home.

And so, with her swanky apartment, golden retriever, house in Beach Hills and interchangeable likeability, the queen of the show Jessica definitely would have stayed in CM if she’d come to Leeds. This girl literally suggested a prenup to her fiancé, so obviously it wouldn’t be fair to make her walk to uni in her stilettos.

Central Village- Mark Anthony Cuevas

Expensive, double rooms and close to campus but not quite Charles Morris. Being minutes away from the Edge, Central Village would be perfect for fitness instructor Mark. And of course, he’s not far from Charles Morris, aka Queen Jessica. Central Village is home to those who want the luxury of being close to campus but also want the true uni experience of doing your own cooking or wasting your last pennies on a Deliveroo – just like Mark was REALLY committed to the Love is Blind experience.

Lyddon Hall- Amber Pike

As the other halls on campus, Lyddon Hall students are wanna-be Charles Morris inhabitants, much like Amber was with Jessica when she stole Barnett. She’s quite fit too, much like Lyddon Hall’s Georgian terrace style-buildings.

Liberty Dock- Matt Barnett

With its wild parties and close proximity to town, we could definitely see player Barnett at Lib Dock. King of love triangles, or squares should we say, and being the fittest male contestant, Barnett would deffo fit right in.

Henry Price- Damian Powers

Henry Price may look nice but with its shared bedrooms and awkward location, it’s just as depressing as Damian – if we lived in Henry Price, we’d probably argue with our roommates just as much as Damian argued with Gini, tbh.

Devonshire Halls- Giannina Milady Gibelli

With a name like Giannina Milady Gibelli, the glamorous business owner would fit right in at Leeds’ answer to Made in Chelsea. Home of many rugby boys and theatre students in its castle-like grounds, Devonshire Hall certainly puts the ‘P’ in posh. With it’s Pride and Prejudice vibes, Giannina, like our beloved Elizabeth Bennet, had no fear in confessing her love for her very own Mr Darcy when proposing to him first.

James Baillie- Lauren Speed

Much like our fave gal Lauren, James Baillie is often dubbed as Leeds’s best accom. With its banging parties full of drugs and vodka galore we think we love James Baillie just as much as we love Lauren. Plus, our JB inhabitants are just as stylish as the lovely Lauren in their flared pants.

The Tannery- Cameron Hamilton

We might love him, just like we’re sure Tannery residents may love their fellow flat-mates, but you’d deffo cry as much as Cameron did on the show if you found out you’d been placed in The Tannery instead of pretty much any other uni accom bar Oxley – it’s just SO far away. But hey ho, at least students are forced to stay at the library inbetween lectures, claiming better grades, just like Cameron was lucky enough to marry the lovely Lauren.

Oxley- Kelly Chase

Does anyone even know where Oxley is? Does anyone even know who Kelly Chase is? Clearly, Kelly would fit right in at Oxley. And as a health coach, the massive walk to campus would be a breeze for her. Kelly had very little airtime on the show meaning that we hardly knew who she was. And we rarely meet anyone from Oxley around campus. But we don’t blame them, could you be bothered to turn up to uni if you lived that far away?

Montague Burton- Kenny Barnes

Montague Burton what? Does it even exist? It’s definitely one of the least well-known accommodations, more so than Oxley. Just like Kenny. Montague Burton students are seriously forgettable as is poor Kenny, and because of this it’s very unlikely that they ever get laid, again like Kenny. Sorry.