Hyde Park students get £4,500 compensation after having their gas cut off for nearly two weeks

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Would you spend two weeks without heating or hot water for £4,500? Well, nine students living on Regent Park Terrace didn't have a choice.

Despite reporting the lack of hot water, no working hob to cook on, and no heating, to landlords Planas Properties, the repairs never came. Because of this, the gas provider cut off the supply to the students for safety reasons. What were they supposed to do, cuddle for warmth??

The students were also threatened TWICE with eviction by the landlords, once verbally and another in writing.

Luckily, the local council stepped in and charged the landlords with neglect. They were fined £12,000, with £4,500 split between the nine students.

Leeds Councillor Debra Coupar said the ordeal had caused "considerable distress" for the students, something many of us are sadly already too used to.

It's a small victory for us students, but another notch in the bedpost in the struggle to be treated like actual human beings.