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There are seven Leeds student stereotypes, but which one are you?

We’re a versatile bunch up here


If you go to Leeds, you’ll know there are very specific "types" of people. From those who stay out all night necking Jagerbombs at Mission, to the girl whose whole wardrobe is from Urban Outfitters (and yes, that does mean she owns a puffa), everyone slots into a certain stereotype. But which one are you?

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Believe it or not, we're not all party animals

The Southerner

It is a well known fact that the majority of people who come to Leeds are actually from the south (most likely Surrey or Kent). Having grown up as "Daddy’s Little Princess", these students decide it is time to experience some northern grit. Yet in reality, they spend their first year in Charles Morris, walk into lectures drinking skinny lattes and on most weekends indulge in an LS6 brunch with fellow southern soul mates.

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The "true" Northerner

They may be a minority at Leeds University, but the genuine northerner can be spotted a mile away. This breed of student will walk around in a t-shirt during the winter months whilst anyone below Sheffield will be wrapped up in five layers. Their diet consists of chips and gravy, pie and gravy, beer and gravy. Basically, they love gravy. They’ll also use a weird language which is unbeknown to the southerner. Expect phrases like "ey up" and "I’m off shop" (in essence, they just miss out words and letters in sentences).

Well does that look delicious

The edgy student

I mean, this one is pretty self explanatory right? Possibly the most iconic stereotype associated with Leeds, the "edgy" student wears kooky clothes, struts round campus with confidence and has a unique array of interests, thus making them edgy.

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Oh darling you look fabulous

The hibernator

This is a very underrated stereotype but we all know at least one. The hibernator spends all day in their room and is only very occasionally sighted grabbing food from the kitchen. They hoard away plates, cups and cutlery until eventually someone has to venture into their cave. Oh, and they are very likely to have either a TV or Xbox in their room.

Asleep again? Surely not

The dropout

Ok, it doesn’t take long for a student to become consumed by the incredible Leeds nightlife, and that, my friends, can have severe consequences.

As much as we like to kid ourselves, there is only so long us students can go clubbing all night and then swan into a lecture having not been asleep. Eventually, a very tough decision has to be made. Uni or Beaverworks? For those that pick the nightlife, they automatically risk becoming a dropout. After numerous emails regarding their attendance, the student decides it’s easier to just write this year off and start again. Thus, the dropout student is born.

"Do I have an assignment due tomorrow?"

The sporty student

We see them running around Hyde Park in lycra leggings and necking protein shakes each morning. This student has training with their society and on days off goes to the gym (even after a night out which makes the rest of us feel awful). They religiously go to Warehouse every Wednesday and when Varsity arrives they try their best to give Beckett a run for their money. BUT in reality we all know that the sporting sensations of our generation will all be at Loughborough. So, in typical Leeds style, these sporty societies tend to be more successful at dressing up each week as “fairies” and “toadstools” or “bunnies” and “carrots” (the freshers always being the latter, more embarrassing option).

Work it lads

The low key genius

It may have a reputation for drinking and going out, but let’s remember that Leeds is red brick university. Therefore, getting a degree here is no doddle. Well, at least not for most of us. We all know that one person (possibly the most infuriating person on the planet) who is just a natural genius. They seem to have been born with supernatural powers that allow them to go out all week, be part of a society, very rarely make it into University, and still come out with a first in all their assignments.

"Oh don't mind me, I just wrote this 3,000 word essay over my morning coffee"

So, which one are you?